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Zhejiang CPI Rises 2.2% Year-on-Year in November  11/12/2018
China's Top Industrial Awards Announced in Beijing: Zhejiang Ente...  11/12/2018
The Transformation of Outhouses Completed in Zhejiang Province This Ye...  10/12/2018
2018 Zhejiang Health Industry Development Report Shows That Health ind...  10/12/2018
PCDI Office: Provide Discipline Guarantee for Major Decisions of the P...  07/12/2018
Two Zhejiang officials fired following test score investigation  06/12/2018
Zhejiang Province Investigated More Than 13,000 Enterprises to Solved ...  06/12/2018
Zhejiang Province Has Been Taking Measures to Improve the Environment ...  06/12/2018
Zhejiang to Launch 31 Measures in 10 Aspects to Support High Quality D...  05/12/2018
Zhejiang Enacted a Law Related to the Reform of the “Maximum One Visit...  04/12/2018
China Private Economy Development (Taizhou) Forum held  04/12/2018
Yuan Jiajun Advocates the High-Standard, High-Quality and High-Efficie...  04/12/2018
Special Campaign Against Problems in Rural Subsistence Allowances Achi...  03/12/2018
The Provincial Party Committee Held a Meeting on the Special Consultat...  30/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with Chairman of the Executive Agency of the UK Midlan...  30/11/2018
Zhejiang Has Achieved Full Coverage of "Maximum One Visit Service...  29/11/2018
The First Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo Kic...  28/11/2018
Provincial Government Discusses Key Tasks for Next Year on Friday  27/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with Chairman of the Olympic Council of Asia  26/11/2018
The Fourth Special Meeting on “Deepening the ‘Maximum One Visit Servic...  26/11/2018
Zhejiang-Guizhou Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Symposium Held in Han...  23/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun Advocates that Seeking Innovation Is Striving for the Futu...  22/11/2018
The People’s Government of Zhejiang Province Held a Special Study Meet...  22/11/2018
“Upgraded” Tax Reduction Policies Further Benefit Small and Micro Ente...  21/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun Advocates the Joint Promotion of the High-Quality Developm...  20/11/2018
The First Inter-Provincial Lake Patrol Consultation and Cooperation Me...  20/11/2018
Foreign Trade of Zhejiang Shows Steady Growth, with Highest Rate in Ma...  19/11/2018
Scientific Special Commissioners Conference Held in Hongzhou to Summar...  19/11/2018
“Regulations on Marriage Registration in Zhejiang Province” issued in ...  16/11/2018
Hainan Provincial Party and Government Delegation Visited Zhejiang Pro...  16/11/2018
Youth Power to Boost Rural Revitalization  15/11/2018
The 48th SGATAR Annual Meeting Opens in Hangzhou  15/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun Meets with Governor of West Flanders Province, Belgium  13/11/2018
Zhejiang CPI Rose 2.8% Year-on-Year in October  13/11/2018
The Reform of the “Separation of Certificates from Licenses” to Be Imp...  12/11/2018
2018 Internet Development Blue Book Released  12/11/2018
Plenary Meeting of the 5th World Internet Conference (WIC) Kicks off i...  09/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun Attended the Opening Ceremony of “The Light of the Interne...  08/11/2018
Academicians and Experts Collaborate on the Construction of the Grand ...  08/11/2018
Zhejiang Province Launches Campaign Against Solid Waste  07/11/2018
Zhejiang Enhances the Ability to Handle Maritime Accidents  07/11/2018
The Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation Between the People’s ...  06/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with UN Deputy Secretary-General  06/11/2018
Provincial Government Publicly Collecting Next Year’s Practical Projec...  05/11/2018
The Reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Won the “Award for...  02/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun: Establishing and Making Full use of the Liaison Stations ...  02/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun: Constructing High-quality “Two Types of Zones” of Agricul...  01/11/2018
The 2018 “West Lake Friendship Award” Awarding Conference Was Held  01/11/2018
Zhejiang’s new policy can reduce an annual burden of 85 billion yuan f...  31/10/2018
Yuan Jiajun: Strive for stable enterprise, stable investment, stable f...  31/10/2018
The First Best Practice Cases for Urban Governance in the Yangtze Rive...  30/10/2018
A Cooperation Agreement Signed Between the People’s Government of Zhej...  30/10/2018
Newly Established Departments in Zhejiang Province Begin to Hang out S...  29/10/2018
Zhejiang’s Comprehensive Transport Industry Aim High-a Total Annual Ou...  26/10/2018
Zhejiang Released the Country’s First Provincial Security Index, Makin...  26/10/2018
Yuan Jiajun Inspected the Preparations for the World Internet Conferen...  26/10/2018
Government purchases public rental housing operation management servic...  25/10/2018
The Data Sharing Service Platform for the Reform of the “Maximum One V...  24/10/2018
The Provincial Party Committee Held the 5th Meeting of the County Part...  24/10/2018
25 Contracts Signed at the World Oil Merchants Conference with an Agre...  23/10/2018