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The Ministry of Culture Announced the Cultural and Cultural Heritage U...  18/07/2018
Yuan Jiajun Attended the Fourth Exchange Meeting for the Secretaries o...  18/07/2018
Employment Sees a Yearly Rise of 1 Million in Urban Areas in the Past ...  17/07/2018
Basic Pensions Adjusted for Retirees in Zhejiang Province  17/07/2018
Yuan Jiajun Presided over the Provincial Legislation Conference.  16/07/2018
Special Action for Network Market Supervision Launched  16/07/2018
Delve Deep into Liangzhu Culture and Make Culture a Golden Name Card f...  13/07/2018
“Maria” May Land in Zhejiang Within 24 Hours. Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun, an...  12/07/2018
CPI Rose by 2.0% Year-On-Year in Zhejiang in June  12/07/2018
36 Favorable Policies of Equal Treatment for Taiwan Compatriots Going ...  11/07/2018
Methods Issued for Assessment of “No Illegal Construction Counties” in...  11/07/2018
Our Province Started the Anti-Typhoon IV-Class Emergency Response.  10/07/2018
Zhejiang Tourists Disappeared During the Overturning of the Thai Cruis...  10/07/2018
1.17 Million Enforcement Cases Get Closed: Great Progress in “Basic So...  09/07/2018
National Marine Inspectorate Group Gave Feedback to Zhejiang. Wang Hon...  06/07/2018
To Be Qualified “Rangers” in Political Ecology: PDIC and PSC Aim to Im...  05/07/2018
Joint Efforts between Three-Level Environmental Departments and Public...  05/07/2018
Work Hard to Bring the Work on Retired Soldiers to a New Level  05/07/2018
Good Results Have Been Achieved in the Standardization of the Publicit...  04/07/2018
First Consultation Conference Held in Hangzhou between the Ministry of...  03/07/2018
Chen Jun Urges to Create New Situation in Developing Strong Province o...  03/07/2018
Zhejiang Held the First Operation Contest for Agricultural Drones.  02/07/2018
The Provincial Government Held the 7th Standing Meeting on the 28th.  02/07/2018
Che Jun Stresses at the Leading Group Meeting on Deepening Reform Comp...  29/06/2018
Zhejiang Is to Construct Three “One-Hour Traffic Circles” and a Modern...  29/06/2018
Zhejiang Province Launched the Second Round of the Rectification of Pr...  28/06/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with Minister of the Ministry of Small Enterprises and...  28/06/2018
Delegation from Zhejiang Province Made a Study Tour to Qinghai, and Wa...  27/06/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with Prime Minister O'Neill of Papua New Guinea  26/06/2018
Production Safety Inspection System Implemented in Zhejiang Province  25/06/2018
Zhejiang Delegation Made a Study Tour to Xinjiang, and Chen Quanguo, Y...  22/06/2018
Promoting the “Garbage Revolution” in an All-round Way  22/06/2018
Catalogue of Exceptions Released for the “Maximum One Visit Service Pr...  21/06/2018
Yuan Jiajun Meets Sichuan Delegation Headed by Deng Xiaogang  21/06/2018
Establishment of Zhejiang Provincial Tax Service, State Administration...  20/06/2018
Zhejiang Provincial Government Held the Sixth Standing Meeting on June...  20/06/2018
People’s Hospital Offers One-Stop Out-Patient Service: One More Window...  19/06/2018
Financial Reform in Zhejiang Bears Fruit: Multiple Measures for “Green...  19/06/2018
Yuan Jiajun: Accurately and Effectively Preventing and Resolving Major...  15/06/2018
Zhejiang Businessmen across the World to Promote the Integration of th...  15/06/2018
Zhejiang Forum: On Big Data Technology and Application  14/06/2018
Forum on Counselors Work and Appointment Ceremony of New Counselors He...  14/06/2018
Zhejiang Saw a Year-on-year Growth of 1.8% in CPI in May.  12/06/2018
Implementation of Special Democratic Supervision of the “Maximum One V...  12/06/2018
China-CEEC EXPO, ZJITS, CICGF Kick off in Ningbo: Leaders of Zhejiang ...  11/06/2018
Zhejiang Actively Promotes Implementation of the Strictest Water Resou...  11/06/2018
“Benefit Package” for Talents - New Policies Attracting Top-notch Tale...  08/06/2018
Journal of 2017 Zhejiang Province State of Environment Issued: Water a...  07/06/2018
Breakthrough in Water Quality Improvement: 11 Cities and 45 Counties W...  07/06/2018
Provincial Government Holds 5th Executive Meeting on 31st  06/06/2018
Zhejiang to Accelerate Grain Industry  05/06/2018
Implementing the “Regulations on the Responsibility System for the Wor...  04/06/2018
Yuan Jiajun Emphasized that the Reform of “Maximum One Visit Service” ...  04/06/2018
Che Jun Emphasized during his Surveys in Yongkang and Wuyi that Implem...  01/06/2018
Yuan Jiajun Emphasized that the Reform of“Judging Achievements by Taxe...  01/06/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with Governor of South State of Ethiopia.  31/05/2018
Che Jun: Inciting Reforms in Various Fields with the “Maximum One Visi...  30/05/2018
Six Innovative Measures of ZFTZ to Be Promoted Nationwide  29/05/2018
Construction of Counties without Unpaid Wages Kicks Off  29/05/2018
Our province builds a food safety guarantee system for rural collectiv...  28/05/2018