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Yuan Jiajun Attended the Provincial Finance Leading Group Meeting.  14/02/2018
Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun, Ge Huijun and Other Provincial Leaders Went to G...  14/02/2018
Overseas Innovative Incubators List of Zhejiang Province Released  13/02/2018
Assessment Results of 2017 Small Town Comprehensive Environmental Impr...  13/02/2018
Over 300,000 New Small and Micro Enterprises have been Established in ...  12/02/2018
In January, CPI in Zhejiang Rose by 1.7% over the Same Period Last Yea...  12/02/2018
11 projects in our province was on the list with the amount of investm...  11/02/2018
The traditional manufacturing sector in our province has contributed m...  11/02/2018
Refund Policy Further Promoted in Physical Stores in Zhejiang  09/02/2018
NPC Representatives of Zhejiang Assemble for Study and Inspection  09/02/2018
Ocean Production in Zhejiang Province Sees a Year-on-Year Growth of 11...  08/02/2018
“Crackdown on Organized Crime” Campaign Gets Underway  07/02/2018
ZPWF Constructs Innovative Business Startup Platform for Women  07/02/2018
Reform in “Area-Based Evaluation Mechanism” Goes in Full Swing  05/02/2018
Responsibility System in Handling Petitions Fully Carried Out in the P...  05/02/2018
Zhejiang Expands the Scope of Whole-Process Online Tax Service  05/02/2018
Che Jun and Yuan Jiajun spoke at the closing ceremony of the first ses...  02/02/2018
Remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firm...  02/02/2018
We will fully implement the “Ten Plans of Action for Enriching People ...  01/02/2018
This province took the lead in realizing the full coverage of the rive...  01/02/2018
“One-Stop Service” Becomes a Hit in Zhejiang  01/02/2018
First Session of 12th CPPCC Zhejiang Committee Concludes Successfully:...  01/02/2018
Joint Efforts in Zhejiang to Battle against Snow Storm  31/01/2018
The vast majority of cadres and the masses in our province made joint ...  30/01/2018
2017 Zhejiang Public Opinion Report shows that the overall satisfactio...  30/01/2018
Yuan Jiajun: Focusing on highly competitive modernization and speeding...  30/01/2018
Zhejiang Province Starts Fight against Soil Pollution  30/01/2018
GDP of Zhejiang Climbs over 5 Trillion Yuan  30/01/2018
The first meeting of the 13th Provincial People's Congress was de...  29/01/2018
Che Jun and Yuan Jiajun attended the grand opening of the first meetin...  29/01/2018
Yuan Jiajun Meets with Renowned Practitioners of Traditional Chinese M...  26/01/2018
Separation of Operation Permits from Business Licenses Effectively Adv...  26/01/2018
Congratulations! Zhejiang’s “At-Most-One-Time Presence” Reform Draws A...  26/01/2018
Focusing on Hidden Risks, Leaving No Data Tricky  25/01/2018
Yuan Jiajun Presides over Study Group Meeting for the Second Plenary S...  25/01/2018
Zhejiang Government Accomplishes Ten Livelihood-Related Projects in 20...  25/01/2018
Zhejiang Gets Ready for the Provincial PC and PPCC  25/01/2018
Zhejiang Legislative Institute Is Established  25/01/2018
Zhejiang to Adopt Holistic, Comprehensive Control of Land Resources  22/01/2018
Zhejiang to Offer a Full Range of “At-most-one-time Presence” Services...  22/01/2018
Zhejiang’s Actual Use of Foreign Capital Exceeded 120 Billion Yuan in ...  19/01/2018
Zhejiang Strives to Become a Highland of Culture and Civilization  19/01/2018
Joint Efforts to Open up New Prospect for Trade Union Work in the New ...  19/01/2018
Zhejiang Promotes Legalization of Public Complaint to a Higher Level  19/01/2018
Zhejiang Created Over 1.27 Million New Jobs in Urban Areas in 2017  19/01/2018
Zhejiang Invested 160 Billion RMB in Tourism Last Year  19/01/2018
Zhejiang Organizes 500 Teams to bring Culture to Grassroots Area  18/01/2018
Zhejiang Realized "Zero Casualties" in Geological Disasters ...  18/01/2018
All Homicide Cases in Zhejiang in 2017 Solved  18/01/2018
Zhejiang Communications Group Invested 51.3 Billion Yuan in Transporta...  18/01/2018
Yuan Jiajun Discusses with Representatives from Democratic Party of In...  16/01/2018
Zhejiang First Carries out the Procuratorial Work and Centralized Mana...  12/01/2018
23,0000 Urban Village Households in Zhejiang to Move into New Homes Th...  12/01/2018
Yuan Jiajun Visits Provincial Advisory Committee and Chairs a Symposiu...  12/01/2018
Provincial Audit Office: Support for the Cadre of Fighting “A Hard Bat...  11/01/2018
Zhejiang Launches a Pilot Project on the Online Identification of Civi...  11/01/2018
Zhejiang Wins 28 National Science and Technology Awards  11/01/2018
Provincial Internal Revenue Bureau Issues New Rules to Make Export Reb...  10/01/2018
Zhejiang Launches Measures on Municipal Waste Sorting Management  08/01/2018
Zhejiang Gets A in Ten Projects for Atmosphere  08/01/2018
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