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First List of National Traditional Handicrafts to Be Revitalized Issue...  25/05/2018
“Action Plan for the Demonstrative Creation of Ecological Civilization...  24/05/2018
The right to review professional ranks and titles is further decentral...  24/05/2018
The second China International Tea Fair opened in Hangzhou.  22/05/2018
Yuan Jiaun stressed the importance of building Lishui National Park du...  22/05/2018
For the Prosperity of Picturesque She Villages: Yuan Jiajun Investigat...  21/05/2018
Measures taken for "Belt and Road" taxation service to help ...  18/05/2018
Special operations are promoted to crack murder cases and accumulated ...  18/05/2018
Zhejiang Sees 10% Growth in Foreign Trade in Four Months  17/05/2018
Zhejiang to Embrace High-Quality Construction of Rural Roads: Yuan Jia...  17/05/2018
Our province organized air defense and disaster prevention evacuation ...  16/05/2018
Our province regulates the safe production of small workshops.  16/05/2018
Poverty Relief Collaboration Between Zhejiang and Sichuan Makes New Pr...  15/05/2018
Tasks of Air Pollution Prevention Fully Completed in Zhejiang Province  15/05/2018
Yuan Jiajun attended the 2nd meeting of the First Council of Zhijiang ...  14/05/2018
April saw a year-on-year increase of 2.2% in CPI in Zhejiang.  14/05/2018
Water Resource Control 2017: Annual Target Fully Completed  11/05/2018
Che Jun Speaks at Provincial Conference on Opening to Outside: Yuan Ji...  11/05/2018
Zhejiang Ranked Second in the Number of Registered Trademarks across t...  10/05/2018
A-Share Companies in Zhejiang Perform Well in Q1  09/05/2018
The Growth Rate of the Total Industrial Added Value Was Faster Than Th...  08/05/2018
Zhejiang Province Issued the First Electronic License for Construction...  08/05/2018
Zhejiang Market Entities Hit 6 Million, Ranking First in China  07/05/2018
Yuan Jiajun Investigates in Yiwu: For High-Quality Development of Open...  07/05/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with Park Shan-won, South Korean Consul General in Sha...  04/05/2018
Governor Yuan Jiajun Investigated in Hangzhou on the 2nd.  04/05/2018
Zhejiang the “Grand Garden” Attracts Millions of Tourists on May Day  03/05/2018
Numerous New Records Set at CICAF; Transaction Hits ¥16.3 Billion  03/05/2018
All for the Defense of a Blue Sky  02/05/2018
Zhejiang Cultural Study Program Phase II Gets under Way at Full Thrott...  02/05/2018
Our Province Forges an Upgraded “Enterprise Cloud”.  28/04/2018
Green Development Index in Zhejiang Ranks First in China.  28/04/2018
CPPCC Zhejiang Provincial Committee Inspects Quzhou City  27/04/2018
Governor Yuan Jiajun Meets with Singaporean Guests in Hangzhou  27/04/2018
The First Real Estate Ownership License Featuring the "Separation...  26/04/2018
Qualification Certificates for Professional Technicians Have Been Made...  26/04/2018
Zhejiang Posts Good Economic Start in Q1  25/04/2018
Provincial Party Committee Holds Meeting to Convey the Essence of Xi J...  25/04/2018
Our Province Has Been Establishing and Improving a Long-acting Mechani...  24/04/2018
Four Transformations Undergone in the Mining Development in Our Provin...  24/04/2018
Zhejiang to Promote Six Projects and Improve Ability of Governance  23/04/2018
Zhejiang to Transform Villages with Weak Collective Economy  23/04/2018
Writing a New Chapter in the Work of the Popularization of Laws in Zhe...  20/04/2018
Employees Can Enjoy Their Rest and Recuperation in Other Provinces in ...  20/04/2018
Zhejiang Witnesses Rapid Growth in Foreign Trade 1st Quarter  19/04/2018
Zhejiang Ranks First in Online Government Service Capacity  19/04/2018
"Three Steps" in the Classification and Treatment of Rural D...  18/04/2018
The Provincial Party and Government Delegation Made a Study Tour in Gu...  18/04/2018
Zhejiang Promotes Cultural Halls to Aid for Rural Prosperity  18/04/2018
Yuan Jiajun Meets with UN Under-Secretary General Liu Zhenmin  18/04/2018
Our Province Will Start a Three-Year Action to Promote the High-Level ...  16/04/2018
Yuan Jiajun: Deepening the "One-Stop Service" Reform to Adva...  16/04/2018
229 Partner Assistance Projects by Zhejiang Province in Xijinag Were S...  13/04/2018
The "One-Stop Service" Reform and Hangzhou Internet Court We...  13/04/2018
CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee Studies Development of Zhejiang Univ...  11/04/2018
Zhejiang to Fulfill Eight Tasks to Prevent Water Pollution This Year  11/04/2018
China Academy of Art Celebrated its 90th Anniversary, with Che Jun Mak...  10/04/2018
1610 Proposals and Motions Made during the Provincial People’s Congres...  10/04/2018
Zhejiang Kicks off Examination and Regulation on Cooking Oil  09/04/2018
Satisfaction Rate Hits New High in Constructing Peaceful Zhejiang  08/04/2018