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11th Executive Meeting of Provincial Government Held on October 17th  19/10/2018
The Import and Export Increased by 12.5% ​​Year-On-Year in the First T...  18/10/2018
The Reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Was Approved as a ...  18/10/2018
The Provincial Party Committee Held a Routine Meeting of the Secretari...  18/10/2018
A New Group of "National Forest Cities" Released, 4 Cities i...  17/10/2018
Zhejiang Issued a Three-Year Action Plan to Win the Blue Sky Defense W...  17/10/2018
A Meeting for Yangtze River Delta Pollution Prevention and Control Col...  16/10/2018
Marine Environment Protection Law Enforcement Inspection Team of the S...  16/10/2018
Approval Authority for Asset Disposal to Be Adjust from This Month to ...  15/10/2018
Promotion Meeting Held in Hangzhou on Transformation and Upgrading of ...  15/10/2018
The Exemption of the Submission of Notarized Documents for Business Re...  12/10/2018
Yuan Jiajun Attached Great Importance to Vigorously Carrying Forward t...  12/10/2018
Half-Year Consumer Confidence Index Released in Zhejiang, with the Lar...  11/10/2018
"Confident Consumption in Zhejiang" Promotion Meeting Held; ...  11/10/2018
A Total of 57.429 Million Tourists to Zhejiang During the National Day...  10/10/2018
Promoting Quality Co-Governance in the Yangtze River Delta Region  10/10/2018
Eight Lost in Xiangshan Shipwreck; Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun Demands Full S...  09/10/2018
A Case of Malignant Wounding Occurred in Beilun, Ningbo; Che Jun, Yuan...  09/10/2018
Li Keqiang Visits Zhejiang and Presides over Enterprise Symposium, Acc...  08/10/2018
Provincial Government Holds Third Special Meeting on 29th to "Dee...  08/10/2018
The First Batch of Licenses Issued in different places in the Yangtze ...  30/09/2018
The 5th World Internet Conference to Be held from November 7th to 9th  30/09/2018
Zhejiang’s Green Rural Revival Program Wins Champions of the Earth Awa...  29/09/2018
China Export-Import Bank and Zhejiang Provincial Government Deepen Str...  29/09/2018
The People’s Government of Zhejiang Province Held a Special Study Sess...  28/09/2018
Yuan Jiajun and He Dongfeng Attended the Signing Ceremony for the Agre...  28/09/2018
10 Railway Lines to Be Selected as Provincial-Level Models for Renovat...  27/09/2018
The Reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Won an Award  26/09/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with Governor of Michigan, USA  25/09/2018
Average Medical Consultation Rate in the County Area Reached 84.40%,; ...  21/09/2018
Party and Government Delegation from Jiangxi Province Comes to Zhejian...  21/09/2018
Yuan Jiajun Delivers a Keynote Speech at the Opening of the 2018 Hangz...  21/09/2018
The International Conference on Digital Economy and Digital Silk Road ...  20/09/2018
Ningbo and Huzhou Receive Impact from Outer Typhoon Mangkhut  19/09/2018
Yuan Jiajun pointed out that small and micro-scaled Enterprises Park s...  18/09/2018
Yuan Jiajun declared the 16th Games of Zhejiang Province open  18/09/2018
Provincial Meeting Held on Planning and Construction of Featured Towns...  17/09/2018
Pilot Project of "Slope-Land Villages and Towns" in Zhejiang...  17/09/2018
In the first eight months, the growth of foreign trade in Zhejiang Pro...  14/09/2018
Yuan Jiajun Delivered a Speech at the Opening Ceremony of 2018 Coopera...  14/09/2018
Provincial Government Hold Special Meeting Tuesday to Study SOE Reform  13/09/2018
Improvement Program Announced Following First-Round Provincial-Level E...  13/09/2018
The online launch of Zhejiang Mobile Micro Court makes the “Mobile pho...  12/09/2018
The growth of CPI has been over 2% for three consecutive months, indic...  12/09/2018
Zhejiang Deployed Third Land Survey  11/09/2018
Governor Yuan Jiajun Meets Guests at the World Tourism Alliance - Xian...  11/09/2018
The Transformation of Villages Within Cities Is Progressing Steadily i...  10/09/2018
Agreement Signed to Promote the Building of a Modern Transport Demonst...  10/09/2018
Zhejiang-African Trade Booms: Import and Export to Africa Increased by...  07/09/2018
Announcement Issued on Zhejiang Education Modernization Level Monitori...  07/09/2018
Comprehensive Investigation of the Safety Hazards of Chilled Pork  06/09/2018
The First Work Safety Inspection to Be Conducted in Zhejiang Province  06/09/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with Uruguayan Guests  06/09/2018
Zhejiang Wins Grade A in Quality Work Assessment Three Consecutive Tim...  05/09/2018
Yuan Jiajun Meets with Finnish Guests  05/09/2018
The Economic Development Zones in Zhejiang Province Improve Their Deve...  04/09/2018
Residence Permits for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents Could Be A...  04/09/2018
Paying Attention to the “Achievement Rate” in the Mind of the People  03/09/2018
Strengthening the Protection of Farmland and Improving the Balance Bet...  03/09/2018
SMEP, New Platform for High Quality Development of Zhejiang  31/08/2018