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Zhejiang Promotes Pilot Reform for Construction Project Approval Syste...  21/08/2018
Che Jun Met with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir  21/08/2018
Party Members and Cadres Across Zhejiang Province Struggled to Defend ...  20/08/2018
Joint Efforts Made by Authorities to Crack down on Fraudulent Taxation...  20/08/2018
Yuan Jiajun Chairs Provincial Conference on Poverty Alleviation and De...  17/08/2018
Governor Yuan Jiajun Presides over Party Group Meeting of the Provinci...  17/08/2018
Yuan Jiajun Made a Report on the Economic Situation at the Reading Mee...  16/08/2018
Zhejiang Accelerates the Construction of the Comprehensive Three-Dimen...  16/08/2018
Power Restored to 110,000 Typhoon-Hit Households  15/08/2018
Yuan Jiajun Attends Seminar on Strengthening Political Construction of...  15/08/2018
Nine People Died in the Traffic Accidents on the West Line of Hangzhou...  14/08/2018
Comprehensively Carry out Quality Improvement Activities to Accelerate...  13/08/2018
Zhejiang CPI Rose 2% Year-on-Year in July  13/08/2018
Torch Relay for Zhejiang Provincial Games Started  10/08/2018
Yuan Jiajun Emphasized the Necessity of Effective Measures for High-Qu...  10/08/2018
Ecological Environment Quality of Our Province Continues to Improve  09/08/2018
Provincial Government Holds Video and Telephone Conference on Food Sec...  09/08/2018
More Than A Quarter of the Land and Sea Area Under Jurisdiction of the...  08/08/2018
9 Disciplines Offered by 6 Universities in Zhejiang Province Were Sele...  08/08/2018
A Fishing Boat Wrecked in Xiangshan Sea Area, Che Jun and Yuan Jiajun ...  07/08/2018
A New Round of Provincial-level River Patrol Started  06/08/2018
The Contribution Rate of 10 Key Industries to the Profit Growth of the...  06/08/2018
Zhejiang Holds Meeting to Report on Environment Rectification  03/08/2018
Level 4 Emergency Response Launched against Typhoon Skylark  03/08/2018
Zhejiang Province Initiated the Reform in the Self-Declaration of Ente...  02/08/2018
Ten Universities in Zhejiang Province Have Been Included in the Result...  02/08/2018
The high-Tech Industry in Zhejiang Province has Developed Rapidly.  01/08/2018
Yuan Jiajun Spoke at the Special Study Session on Life Science and Bio...  01/08/2018
Hu Chunhua Investigates in Zhejiang, Accompanied by Che Jun, Yuan Jiaj...  31/07/2018
Provincial Government Holds 2nd Plenary Meeting on 27th  31/07/2018
Zhejiang to Conduct Full-Process Inspection of Vaccines  30/07/2018
The Total Profits of the Province-Owned Enterprises Increased by 41.4%...  30/07/2018
Zhejiang Takes the Lead in Constructing a 5-Level Lake Chief System: 4...  27/07/2018
Yuan Jiajun Presides Over the Site Meeting to Deepen the Project of Be...  27/07/2018
Yuan Jiajun Emphasized the Importance of the Full Implementation of th...  26/07/2018
Tourism Across the Whole Province Has Entered the “village” Era.  26/07/2018
First-Half-Year Economic Report of Zhejiang Comes to Spotlight  25/07/2018
Five-Year Achievement of Zhejiang Women Issued: One in Every 16 Women ...  25/07/2018
Yuan Jiajun Presided over a Meeting to Study and Implement the Spirit ...  24/07/2018
The Provincial Government Held the 8th Executive Meeting on the 20th.  24/07/2018
Zhejiang Province Actively Promotes National Economic Census  23/07/2018
Thousands of Hong Kong Youths to Experience the “Zhejiang Element” Nex...  20/07/2018
The Excellence Rate of Air Quality Exceeded 80% in Zhejiang Province i...  20/07/2018
First Batch of “All-in-One” Inland Ship’s Certificates Released in Zhe...  19/07/2018
Yuan Jiajun Meets with President of the Asian Paralympic Committee (AP...  19/07/2018
The Ministry of Culture Announced the Cultural and Cultural Heritage U...  18/07/2018
Yuan Jiajun Attended the Fourth Exchange Meeting for the Secretaries o...  18/07/2018
Employment Sees a Yearly Rise of 1 Million in Urban Areas in the Past ...  17/07/2018
Basic Pensions Adjusted for Retirees in Zhejiang Province  17/07/2018
Yuan Jiajun Presided over the Provincial Legislation Conference.  16/07/2018
Special Action for Network Market Supervision Launched  16/07/2018
Delve Deep into Liangzhu Culture and Make Culture a Golden Name Card f...  13/07/2018
“Maria” May Land in Zhejiang Within 24 Hours. Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun, an...  12/07/2018
CPI Rose by 2.0% Year-On-Year in Zhejiang in June  12/07/2018
36 Favorable Policies of Equal Treatment for Taiwan Compatriots Going ...  11/07/2018
Methods Issued for Assessment of “No Illegal Construction Counties” in...  11/07/2018
Our Province Started the Anti-Typhoon IV-Class Emergency Response.  10/07/2018
Zhejiang Tourists Disappeared During the Overturning of the Thai Cruis...  10/07/2018
1.17 Million Enforcement Cases Get Closed: Great Progress in “Basic So...  09/07/2018
National Marine Inspectorate Group Gave Feedback to Zhejiang. Wang Hon...  06/07/2018