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271.2 Billion: A New High of the Comprehensive Transportation Investme...  16/01/2019
Che Jun Made a Speech at the Work Exchange Meeting of County Party Com...  16/01/2019
Academic Proficiency Test (APT): 260,000 Zhejiang Candidates Enter Tes...  15/01/2019
Trial Accounting Methods Adopted in Zhejiang for Support Fees of Famil...  15/01/2019
Opinions on the Government Work Report Solicited from the Democratic P...  14/01/2019
CPI Rose by 2% in Zhejiang Last Month  14/01/2019
Culture, SciTech, Health “Going to Rural Areas”: Provincial Campaign L...  11/01/2019
Provincial MCIDC Held Second Meeting: Che Jun Delivers Speech, Yuan Ji...  11/01/2019
25 Achievements Made in Zhejiang Province Won the National Science and...  10/01/2019
The First Meeting of the Audit Committee of the Provincial Party Commi...  10/01/2019
Party Committee (Party Group) Secretaries Deliver Work Report on Grass...  09/01/2019
Primary and Secondary Industries in Zhejiang Saw a Lower Proportion in...  09/01/2019
The Provincial Leaders Went to Various Places to Carry Out the Activit...  08/01/2019
Big data Used for the Settlement of Unpaid Wages in Zhejiang Province  08/01/2019
Yuan Jiajun: Be Pragmatic and Efficient in Offering Services  07/01/2019
Ten Major Events Related to Intangible Cultural Heritage in Zhejiang i...  04/01/2019
Yuan Jiajun: Forging a Fire & Rescue Team That Goes Through Fire t...  03/01/2019
Online Vote Begins for “2019 Practical Projects Concerning People’s Li...  03/01/2019
Zhejiang Province Studies How to Publicize and Implement the “Regulati...  02/01/2019
Zhijiang Laboratory Park Project Officially Launched  02/01/2019
Average Time for Approval of Enterprise Investment Projects in Zhejian...  29/12/2018
The Provincial Government Held the 15th Executive Meeting on the 25th  28/12/2018
The Central Group of Theory Learning of the Provincial Party Committee...  27/12/2018
Provincial Party Committee Holds Enlarged Meeting of Standing Committe...  25/12/2018
Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun Meet with Returned Outstanding Contributors to Re...  25/12/2018
Zhejiang to Invest 13.6 Billion Yuan to Upgrade Rural Drinking Water i...  21/12/2018
Provincial Party Committee Theory Learning Central Group: Studying the...  21/12/2018
Che Jun and Yuan Jiajun Met with the Friendship Delegation from Tochig...  20/12/2018
Zhejiang Health Care Service Towards High Quality Development  19/12/2018
The First Healthy Family Competition Held in Zhejiang Province  18/12/2018
Zhejiang's State-Owned Economy Ranks First in the Country  17/12/2018
Yuan jiajun: Set High Standards to Create a Digital Government that Pe...  17/12/2018
Yuan Jiajun Emphasized the Need to Protect Qiandao Lake like Protectin...  14/12/2018
The Development Zones in Zhejiang Province to Build New High-Capacity ...  14/12/2018
Yuan Jiajun Present at First Meeting of Provincial Committee for Compr...  13/12/2018
Yuan Jiajun Present at Second (Expanded) Leading Group Meeting on “Bel...  13/12/2018
Zhejiang Taxation Released 20 Measures to Help the Private Economy, Ba...  12/12/2018
Zhejiang Province Introduced “50 New Policies for Science and Technolo...  12/12/2018
Zhejiang CPI Rises 2.2% Year-on-Year in November  11/12/2018
China's Top Industrial Awards Announced in Beijing: Zhejiang Ente...  11/12/2018
The Transformation of Outhouses Completed in Zhejiang Province This Ye...  10/12/2018
2018 Zhejiang Health Industry Development Report Shows That Health ind...  10/12/2018
PCDI Office: Provide Discipline Guarantee for Major Decisions of the P...  07/12/2018
Two Zhejiang officials fired following test score investigation  06/12/2018
Zhejiang Province Investigated More Than 13,000 Enterprises to Solved ...  06/12/2018
Zhejiang Province Has Been Taking Measures to Improve the Environment ...  06/12/2018
Zhejiang to Launch 31 Measures in 10 Aspects to Support High Quality D...  05/12/2018
Zhejiang Enacted a Law Related to the Reform of the “Maximum One Visit...  04/12/2018
China Private Economy Development (Taizhou) Forum held  04/12/2018
Yuan Jiajun Advocates the High-Standard, High-Quality and High-Efficie...  04/12/2018
Special Campaign Against Problems in Rural Subsistence Allowances Achi...  03/12/2018
The Provincial Party Committee Held a Meeting on the Special Consultat...  30/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with Chairman of the Executive Agency of the UK Midlan...  30/11/2018
Zhejiang Has Achieved Full Coverage of "Maximum One Visit Service...  29/11/2018
The First Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo Kic...  28/11/2018
Provincial Government Discusses Key Tasks for Next Year on Friday  27/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun Met with Chairman of the Olympic Council of Asia  26/11/2018
The Fourth Special Meeting on “Deepening the ‘Maximum One Visit Servic...  26/11/2018
Zhejiang-Guizhou Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Symposium Held in Han...  23/11/2018
Yuan Jiajun Advocates that Seeking Innovation Is Striving for the Futu...  22/11/2018