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Telephone and E-mail Directories
Department Telephone         E-mail
Government Organs
Development and Reform Commission 86-571-87052748
Economy and Informatization Commission 86-571-87056941
Department of Education 86-571-88008999
Department of Science and Technology 86-571-87054049,
Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission 86-571-87055253
Department of Public Security 86-571-87286114
Department of Supervision 86-571-87057248  
Department of Civil Affairs 86-571-87050253
Department of Justice 86-571-87054435
Department of Finance 86-571-87055714
Department of Human Resources and Social Security 86-571-87053036
Department of Land and Resources 86-571-88877706
Department of Environmental Protection 86-571-28869114
Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development 86-571-85216114
Department of Transport 86-571-87827396
Department of Water Resources 86-571-87826587
Department of Agriculture 86-571-86757606
Department of Forestry 86-571-87399301
Department of Commerce 86-571-87050911
Department of Culture 86-571-85212195
Department of Health The day:86-571-87709006
Population and Family Planning Commission 86-571-87052416
Department of Audit 86-571-87051610
Foreign Affairs Office 86-571-87050311
Special Organization Directly Under the Provincial Government
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission 86-571-87059586
Organizations Directly Under the the Provincial Government
Local Taxation Bureau,86-571-87668568  
Industry and Commerce Administration 86-571-88383388
Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau 86-571-85025922  
Radio Film and Television Bureau 86-571-56353335
Press and Publication Bureau 86-571-87163141
Sports Bureau 86-571-85153091
Work Safety Administration 86-571-87053080  
Statistics Bureau 86-571-87057075
Bureau of Ocean and Fisheries 86-571-88007020
Tourism Bureau 86-571-87050399
Grain Bureau 86-571-85773015 
Government Offices Administration 86-571-87052608
Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Province 86-571-887059635
Legislative Affairs Office Province 86-571-87053685
Civil Air Defense Office 86-571-89820114
Policy Research Office    
Department Administration Organizations
Price Bureau: 86-571-87052915
Food and Drug Administration 86-571-88903335
Bureau of Cultural Heritage: 86-571-87080650  
Bureau of Prison Administration 86-571-88256800
Bureau of Civil Service