RSS(Really Simple Syndication)
What is RSS?
RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Also known as syndicated content, it is an easy and simple way to share updates.
Originally, RSS refers to a way of transforming headlines, links, partial information or whole texts on the website into the format of XML (Extensible Markup Language) so as to distribute content to other websites.
How does RSS work?
You need to download and install an RSS feed reader. Then, you should subscribe to what interests you from the contents of syndicated information that the website offers. After your subscription, you will obtain updates from the website.
Features of RSS Feed Readers
a. No advertisement or image will have an influence upon your reading of news headlines or abstracts.
b. RSS feed readers can automatically update your subscribed contents, thus ensuring the promptness of information.
c. Subscribers can access several RSS feeds and merge information from a plurality sources into a single data stream.
Download RSS Feed Readers
In order for you to be able to gain easier access to the latest syndicated information from the official website of Zhejiang E-government Society, you are advised to install the “Zhejiang E-government Platform Reader”. Some readers, such as the Boyue RSS reader, need to operate in the Java environment. In this case, please download and install JRE first and then install RSS feed readers. If JRE has been installed in your computer, you can directly subscribe. Other RSS readers, such as SharpReader, need to operate in the .NET Framework environment. In this scenario, please download and install Microsoft .NET Framework first and then install RSS feed readers.
Download RSS Readers
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When you are using the “Zhejiang E-government Platform Reader” to subscribe, you should right click “RSS” directly and select “add to See the World RSS reader”. Then your subscription can be completed.
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