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  Government Structure

 General Office
Government Organs
· Development and Reform Commission · Economy and Informatization Commission
· Department of Education · Department of Science and Technology
· Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission · Department of Public Security
· Department of Supervision · Department of Civil Affairs
· Department of Justice · Department of Finance
· Department of Human Resources and Social Security · Department of Land and Resources
· Department of Environmental Protection · Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development
· Department of Transport · Department of Water Resources
· Department of Agriculture · Department of Forestry
· Department of Commerce · Department of Culture
· Department of Health · Population and Family Planning Commission
· · Foreign Affairs Office
 Special Organization Directly Under Provincial Government
· State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission    
Organizations Directly Under the Provincial Government
· Local Taxation Bureau · Industry and Commerce Administration
· Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau · Radio, Film and Television Bureau
· Press and Publication Bureau · Sports Bureau
· Work Safety Administration · Statistics Bureau
· Bureau of Ocean and Fisheries · Tourism Bureau
· Grain Bureau · Government Offices Administration
· Overseas Chinese Affairs Office · Legislative Affairs Office
· Civil Air Defense Office · Policy Research Office

Department Administration Organizations
· Price Bureau · Food and Drug Administration
· Bureau of Cultural Heritage · Bureau of Prison Administration
· Bureau of Civil Service