Government Who’s Who
Governor of Zhejiang Province
Yuan Jiajun
Governor of Zhejiang Province Yuan ...
Executive Vice Governor Feng Fei
Vice Governor Zhu Congjiu
Vice Governor Wang Shuangquan
Vice Governor Gao Xingfu
Vice Governor Cheng Yuechong
Vice Governor Wang Wenxu
Vice Governor Peng Jiaxue
Vice Governor Chen Weijun
   Government Structure
Quzhou Culture and Art Center Project
Quzhou ICT Cancer Hospital Project
General Office of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province
Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province
Economy and Informatization Commission of Zhejiang Province
Department of Education of Zhejiang Province
Department of Supervision of Zhejiang Province
Department of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province
Department of Justice of Zhejiang Province
   Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government 03/02/2017
2016 Overseas High-caliber Talent Recruitment Plan... 27/03/2016
Statistical Communiqué of Zhejiang Province on the... 01/05/2015
Report on the Work of the Government 30/01/2015
A Reply about Conferring West Lake Friendship Awar... 21/11/2015
Report on the Work of the Government 2013 01/11/2014
Report on the Work of the Government 2013 25/11/2014
Quzhou Taoyuan Qili Tourism Complex Project 16/11/2013
   Laws & Regulations
Regulations for Transferring Exploration Rights an...  28/05/2012
Rules For Implementation Of The Mineral Resources ...  28/05/2012
Surveying and Mapping Law of the People’s Republic...  28/05/2012
Regulations on Administration of Geological Data  28/05/2012
The Marine Environmental Protection Law of the Peo...  28/05/2012
Regulations For Registering To Mining Mineral Reso...  28/05/2012
Regulations of the People’s Republic of China Conc...  28/05/2012
Regulations on Administration of Weather Modificat...  28/05/2012
   Press Releases
News conference of the Comprehensive Reforms ...  01/08/2013
The News Conference of the Achievements of “T...  18/01/2013
News Conference of the Economic Activities in...  25/07/2013
Press Conference on the Mass Fitness Activiti...  18/08/2013
2012 Monitoring Results of Well-off Realizati...  01/06/2013
Promotion of Meteorological Modernization Pre...  18/07/2013
Press Conference on the Increase of Employmen...  01/08/2013
2012 Zhejiang Provincial Energy and Utilizati...  01/06/2013
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