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News conference of the Comprehensive Reforms Pilot Work of Internation...  01/08/2013
The News Conference of the Achievements of “The Five Major Transportat...  18/01/2013
News Conference of the Economic Activities in Zhejiang in the First Ha...  25/07/2013
Press Conference on the Mass Fitness Activities in Zhejiang Province a...  18/08/2013
2012 Monitoring Results of Well-off Realization Rate of the Disabled i...  01/06/2013
Promotion of Meteorological Modernization Press Conference  18/07/2013
Press Conference on the Increase of Employment and Promotion of Entrep...  01/08/2013
2012 Zhejiang Provincial Energy and Utilization Status Press Conferenc...  01/06/2013
Press Conference on Zhejiang Province’s Financial Input in Education  20/08/2013
Press Conference Release of the 2013 Leading Cadres Competitive Select...  24/05/2013
News Conference of the Situation of Aged Population and the Developmen...  03/06/2013
Press Conference of Zhejiang's Economic Operational Condition in ...  26/04/2013
2013 Zhejiang Science and Technology (Science Popularization) Week Pre...  22/05/2013
Press Conference of 2013 China·Jiaxing Dragon Boat Festival Folk Cultu...  06/06/2013
The 8th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair Press Conference  30/03/2013
Peaceful Zhejiang Construction Press Conference  30/04/2013
The Press Conference of the Elimination of the Backward Production Cap...  17/05/2013
The Press Conference on Promoting the Meteorological Modernization  12/07/2013
News Conference of Efficient Industrial Investment in Zhejiang Provinc...  19/04/2013
Press Conference of Comprehensively Deepening Audit Reform  21/12/2013
Press Conference of Zhejiang First Youth Film Festival  31/10/2013
Press Conference on the Campaign of Strengthening Grassroots Grid and ...  30/09/2013
Press conference on Zhejiang Maritime Safety Administration Commission...  28/08/2013
Press Conference of 10th Anniversary of Implementation of Regulations ...  14/12/2013
Press Conference of Rescue and Protection of Endangered Species of Wil...  21/12/2013
The Press Conference on Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading of ...  13/09/2013
Press Conference of the Development of Charity in Zhejiang Province an...  15/10/2013
Press Conference of the 2nd World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention  25/10/2013
Press Conference of 2014 Spring Festival Travel Rush  11/01/2014
Press Conference of Zhejiang’s Economic Situation Between January and ...  25/10/2013
Press Conference of the Implementation of Regulations on Illegal Build...  21/09/2013
The Press Conference of Volunteer Work in Zhejiang Province  15/03/2013
Report on the Work of the Government  12/01/2012
Progresses on the Deepening of Reforms in Medical and Health Care Syst...  12/04/2011
Information on Zhejiang Elderly Population and Countermeasures on Popu...  22/03/2011
Steady Increase in Zhejiang’s Economy in the first quarter of 2011  25/04/2011
Zhejiang Province Promulgates Zhejiang Women’s Development Plan (2011-...  01/07/2011
The Engine of Agricultural Modernization: Agricultural Mechanization  29/05/2012
Remarks by Tan Yueming, Director-General of Department of Housing and ...  29/05/2012
Zhejiang Witnesses Steady Growth in Economy in the First Six Months  29/05/2012
Situation of Development in Cultural Industry in Zhejiang Province  29/05/2012
Economic Operation of Zhejiang Province in First Three Quarters  29/05/2012
News Conference Release of the Outline of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan f...  29/05/2012
Zhejiang Achieves New Breakthrough in Coordinating Urban and Rural Dev...  29/05/2012
Tenth Anniversary of China’s Entry into WTO—  28/05/2012
Zhejiang Energy Utilization in 2010  28/05/2012