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2018 Zhejiang Government New Media Development Index Report released
2019-02-13 14:14:06

Recently, organized by the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government Office, and the Provincial Network Information Office, the Xinhua Government Express Team and the Government New Media Research Institute have conducted a research and released the "2018 Zhejiang Government New Media Development Index Report".

The report has evaluated on the activeness and effects of 253 official Weibo and WeChat accounts under the "Zhijiang" Government New Media Matrix, including those of 38 provincial departments, 11 cities, and 89 counties, and based on this, conducted a quantitative ranking on the official Weibo and WeChat of the provincial departments, cities and counties. “Youth Zhejiang” WeChat account, “Hangzhou Release” Weibo/WeChat account, and “Zhuji Release” Weibo/WeChat account ranked first respectively among the provincial, departmental, and county level government new media.

In terms of the account activeness, about 57% of Weibo accounts and 67% of WeChat accounts published more than 1000 messages in 2018, and about 66% of Weibo accounts and 89% of WeChat accounts published information for more than 200 days. In terms of matrix cooperation, the members of “Zhijiang” Government Weibo/WeChat Matrix have forwarded the Weibo messages of other members in the matrix for 24,512 times, and the WeChat messages of other members for 3,921 times, an increase of 8% and 38.8% compared with 2017, which has effectively improved the coverage of information released.

According to the report, in 2018, the "Zhijiang" Government New Media Matrix showed highlights in five aspects: the Party committees and governments released information authoritatively and timely, and interacted with the public deeply; all levels of official Weibo/WeChat accounts focused on their own features, and effectively met the needs of the netizens; rich and diverse in information content, the communication effect was further improved, with the use of H5, live broadcast, micro video, animation, bullet curtain and other forms; with strong guidance on emergent events, they had accurate response on hotspots; with normalized interaction between the members, the matrix had fully demonstrated the force of cooperation.

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