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Big data Used for the Settlement of Unpaid Wages in Zhejiang Province
2019-01-08 10:05:46

The reporter learned from the video conference on the prevention and disposal of the enterprises’ arrears with wages across the province held on January 4th that in 2018, 1,493 cases of various types of delayed wages were settled in the province, with the delayed wages of 190 million yuan recovered for 169,000 workers. These figures represent a year-on-year decrease of 89.5%, 75.2% and 77.3% respectively.

Last year, Zhejiang Province carried out the “No Delayed Wages in Zhejiang” action in depth, and the trial operation of the provincial early warning command platform for unpaid wages changed the mode of settlement of the delayed wages in this province, realizing the sharing of 326 data from 14 departments including market supervision, taxation and construction, realizing the daily supervision of 1.746 million enterprises and 9,310 projects under construction, and thus changing the settlement of unpaid wages from post investigation and disposal to advance prevention and in-process regulation. These efforts aimed to comprehensively promote the construction of an honesty system and implement joint punishment for employers in serious arrears.

During the high-incidence periods of the Spring Festival and the New Year's Day, Zhejiang Province will seriously carry out special inspections to detect potential unpaid wages in a timely manner and to ensure more strict settlement. All localities must strictly implement the 24-hour duty and first-inquiry responsibility system, to settle cases of unpaid wages in a timely manner according to law. Making full use of the joint early warning command platform for arrears with wages can realize the joint early warning of unpaid wages.

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