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Yuan Jiajun: Be Pragmatic and Efficient in Offering Services
2019-01-07 10:32:41

On January 2nd, Governor Yuan Jiajun went to Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xiuzhou District and Nanhu District to carry out activities of “serving enterprises, serving the people and serving the grassroots”. He stressed that it is necessary to firmly establish a people-centered view of development, firmly adhere to the "unwavering development of state economy and non-state economy", timely grasp the expectations and needs of enterprises and the people, and come up with a substantial list of services. He said that we must provide services with sincerity, offer strong financial support, focus on solving prominent problems, improve the sense of gain and satisfaction of enterprises and the people, and strive for a good beginning in the first quarter.
Yuan Jiajun visited Starpower Semiconductor, Jiaxipera Compressor, Minth Group, Mars Food, Yaying Women's Wear and other enterprises, held discussions with corporate leaders from Zhejiang Satellite Holdings, Haili Holdings, Dingmei Intelligent Decoration and other enterprises, and asked them about the difficulties and problems in the development of enterprises. The enterprise leaders frankly revealed their practical difficulties in factor constraints, excessive cost increases, energy “double control” and “going out” development. Yuan Jiajun responded one by one. He pointed out that serving enterprises is an important part of the "three-tier services" activities, and the main task is to implement the six measures proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and support the development and growth of the private economy with actions. Instead of "taking it for granted", he said, we should put their actual needs and sense of gain in the first place, stoop down and sink into the enterprises, identify the pains and demands of the enterprises, and enhance the gold content and operability of the policies. We should improve the policy implementation mechanism, implement cost reduction and burden reduction measures, and make great efforts to solve such problems as difficult and expensive financing for private enterprises.
On the afternoon of January 2nd, Yuan Jiajun listened to the opinions and suggestions of the local Provincial NPC Deputies, CPPCC members, and village party secretaries and inquired in detail about the difficulties faced by some rural elderly people in the grassroots, the difficulties of medical care in non-residential places, and the installation of elevators in old communities. He pointed out that the people's government must serve the people. We must bear the safety and wellbeing of the people in our heart, and do a good job in education, medical care, old-age care, food, rural drinking water, and other “trivial matters” that concern people's livelihood. Paying special attention to “trivial matters”, we must stay away from formalism and empty talk, and solve practical livelihood problems with practical measures.
Yuan Jiajun pointed out that, as Jiaxing is a "bridgehead" for the province to be in step with Shanghai, we must take the drive of innovation as the guide, and focus on high-quality development, improvement of competitiveness, development of modernization, layout of modern industries, and upgrade of urban energy levels. We must make an in-depth plan for future industries, future factories, and future communities, and strive to build a number of core landmark industrial clusters in integrated circuits, aerospace, and new energy, so as to effectively upgrade Jiaxing's strategic position in the development of the Yangtze River Delta.

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