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Yuan Jiajun: Forging a Fire & Rescue Team That Goes Through Fire to Safeguard People’s Life and Property
2019-01-03 14:58:00

On the morning of the 29th December, the Zhejiang Provincial Fire & Rescue Team held the flag-awarding and oath-taking ceremony in Hangzhou. Yuan Jiajun, the provincial governor, attended and delivered a speech, encouraging the firefighters to thoroughly study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, keep the words in mind, put the mission on the shoulders, and take the heavy responsibility in the hands. He urged them to be always loyal to the Party, to be self-disciplined, to go through the fire for the people, so as to speed up the construction of a fire & rescue team that can safeguard the people’s life and property, and provide a solid protection for the construction of a secure Zhejiang and the "two high-level" development. Feng Fei presided over the meeting. Zhao Guangjun, Sun Jingmiao, and Zhou Shaofeng were present.

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