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Announcement Issued on Zhejiang Education Modernization Level Monitoring: Education Level in the Counties Goes under Evaluation
2018-09-07 10:02:58

Recently, "Zhejiang Province 2017 Annual County (City, District) Education Modernization Level Monitoring Announcement" was issued. According to the monitoring results, the overall achievement degree of education modernization development in county regions of the province in 2017 was 67.52%. There are 17 counties (cities, districts) whose education modernization degree is 75% and above, and 34 counties whose degree of modernization is between 65% and 75%. The counties (cities and districts) achieving 75% and above include: Shangcheng District, Xiacheng District, Jianggan District, Gongshu District, Xihu District, Binjiang District, Haishu District, Jiangbei District, Zhenhai District, Beilun District, Lucheng District, Nanxun District, Deqing County, Tongxiang City, Keqiao District, Zhuji City, Putuo District (arranged according to the order of administrative division).

At present, 54 counties (cities and districts) in our province have passed evaluation and acceptance as counties (cities and districts) achieving basic education modernization, covering more than 60% of the total area. However, education modernization is a dynamic development process. In order to further consolidate the achievements and overcome the "one-evaluation-for-life" defects of traditional supervision and evaluation, it is necessary to establish a long-term mechanism of regular monitoring to guide all regions to move towards education modernization.

According to an official from the Provincial Education Department, through a reform towards separation of management, administration, and evaluation, we adopt a third party assessment system to monitor the education modernization level in our province, so as to form diagnostic analysis reports and solutions at the county or district level, and promote our province to be at the forefront of education modernization in the whole country.

It is learned that the monitoring was conducted by the Provincial Education Modernization Research and Evaluation Center on the education modernization level of 89 counties (cities and districts) in the province, as well as Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone. The indicators used in this monitoring are Detailed Indicators on Education Modernization Development Level Monitoring for Counties (Cities and Districts) of Zhejiang Province in 2017 (Trial). Based on the Zhejiang Evaluation Operation Standards on Counties (Cities and Districts) of Education Modernization (revised in 2015),with full reference of education evaluation index framework at home and abroad, and combined with the actual situation of Zhejiang basic education, it is compiled with the CIPP index analysis framework. The indicator system includes five primary indicators (priority development, student orientation, equity promotion, quality improvement and social recognition), 11 secondary indicators, 47 monitoring points and 1 reverse marking indicator.

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