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Comprehensive Investigation of the Safety Hazards of Chilled Pork
2018-09-06 09:38:40

In order to effectively protect the quality and safety of pork products across the province, Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration has recently conducted a comprehensive investigation of the market of chilled pork products and strengthened supervision and control, to ensure that the masses can buy safe and reliable pork. At present, the circulation of chilled pork in the major markets of our province has remained stable on the whole, without problematic pork products from the epidemic areas flowing into the markets.


According to the news released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on August 23rd, an African swine fever epidemic occurred in Leqing. The local emergency response mechanism was initiated, and measures such as blockade, culling, harmless treatment, and disinfection were adopted to prohibit all pigs and susceptible animals and products from being carried into or out of the blockade. This epidemic has been effectively disposed of.


After the outbreak, Zhejiang strengthened prevention and control immediately. Located in Yuhang District of Hangzhou, Wuhe Meat Trading Market is the largest trading center for chilled and fresh pork in Hangzhou, with a daily trading volume of more than 6,000 pigs, which accounts for three-quarters of the total circulation in this city. Zhou Yiping, general manager of this market, told the reporter that after the outbreak, all the pork in the market was inspected thoroughly to prevent the pork products from the infected pigs and sick pigs from being served on the table. At the same time, steps were taken to strictly control the circulation of fresh pork, and strictly forbid the pork products from the infected areas to enter the market. On September 3rd, law enforcement officers also conducted inspections on health management, food warehousing, storage, and inspection for meat business operators in the Nanzhuangdou farmer’s market in Hangzhou.


Ningbo, Huzhou, Taizhou, Lishui and other places carried out thorough inspections on the sales and processing of fresh pork and frozen pork in the cold storage industry, meat processing units, shopping malls and supermarkets, and farmer’s markets. Wenzhou, Jiaxing and other places have recently strengthened the supervision and inspection of pork products. Wenzhou is also implementing a system, banning feeding pigs on leftovers for all the farms (households) in the whole city and stopping the quarantine and certification of the “pigs feeding on leftovers”.

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