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Zhejiang Wins Grade A in Quality Work Assessment Three Consecutive Times
2018-09-05 10:54:54

Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision announced the results of the State Council's assessment of provincial governments’ quality work in 2016-2017. For the third time in a row, Zhejiang province was rated as Grade A, ranking the first in the country alongside Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong.


In 2013, the State Council launched an assessment of the quality of provincial governments. This assessment is mainly carried out from two aspects: quality safety and quality development in product quality, project quality, service quality and other fields, including the completion of quality objectives and the implementation of quality measures. The assessment results were divided into four grades: ABCD.


As a pilot province for the comprehensive reform of national standardization, our province has explored the way for the country to comprehensively deepen the standardization reform, innovatively build the regional public brand system of "quality standard", continuously improve the overall level of quality, and set out a road of quality development, reform and innovation with Zhejiang characteristics. At present, its total number of national model cities with high quality ranks the first in China, and it has set up 27 industrial quality improvement demonstration areas. Centering on the decision and deployment of digital transformation, rural revitalization and the establishment of "Belt and Road" strategic hub, it has studied and established the standardization construction plans such as digital transformation and rural revitalization. This year, 245 "Made in Zhejiang" standards have been added, amounting to 539 standards in all, and 221 enterprises have obtained 321 quality certificates. A group of high-level national platforms have been approved for construction, including the National Cluster Zone of High-Tech Service Industry in Inspection and Testing (Zhejiang), and the proportion of comprehensive service platforms in the whole province has reached 77%.


At the same time, the provincial quality supervision departments vigorously promoted the "maximum one visit service procedure" reform in quality project approval, further optimizing the quality development environment.


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