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Paying Attention to the “Achievement Rate” in the Mind of the People
2018-09-03 10:37:55

Recently, some prefecture cities have once again announced “the achievement rate of the reform of the ‘maximum one visit service procedure’”, which is nearly 10% lower than that previously announced. Through a closer look at this gap, it is found that the original rate announced was from the self-examination of the government departments, representing an achievement rate in theory. The rate announced this time is from a third-party agency’s investigation of the people applying for service, which is more in line with the feelings of the masses. This reminds the government departments of the fact that the very touchstone for the effectiveness of the reform of the “maximum one visit service procedure” is the sense of gain of the masses and the enterprises.


The true feelings of the masses can more directly reflect the problems encountered in the process of the reform, including the inconvenience at the beginning of the upgrading of the counter service and the unsatisfactory quality of the counter staff, which all lower the “achievement rate” in the mind of the masses. At the same time, many people also regard the completion of the materials needed in the case of incomplete materials, the consultation before the service, etc. as the failure to achieve the “maximum one visit service procedure” Just imagine that if the masses can accurately know what materials they need to bring through the Internet before their service, they can save the trouble of one futile visit. This shows that the “first and foremost step” of the reform should also be taken successfully.


In order to fill in the gap between the evaluations of different subjects in terms of the achievement rate of the reform of the “maximum one visit service procedure”, it is necessary to for all the departments concerned to make up for the defects and improve the service quality, especially the “first pass” of the consulting service. In this service, it is essential to use the language of the masses to establish a sound and unified guide that can be effectively inquired, and to improve and promote the online service, so that the ordinary people can be clear about the service procedures once they have made some inquiry.


The fundamental concept and goal of the reform of the “maximum one visit service procedure” is to give the people a greater sense of gain. Since the right to judge this reform is in the hands of the masses, paying attention to the “achievement rate” in the mind of the people entails the increasing effectiveness of this reform.


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