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10 Railway Lines to Be Selected as Provincial-Level Models for Renovation in Zhejiang
2018-09-27 11:22:06

Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial “Renovation and Demolition” Office that the province will select 10 provincial-level high-quality demonstration railway lines for renovation for the first time, and continue to develop 20 provincial-level high-quality demonstration roads and 20 provincial-level high-quality demonstration city entrances.

Since 2016, the province has carried out provincial-level excellent demonstration road selection according to the relevant work requirements for actions like “renovation and demolition”, “beautifying roadsides, riversides, railway sides and mountainsides” and “improving both sides of highways and railways”. In online vote for the first group of provincial-level demonstration roads, nearly 370,000 people participated, and the number of votes exceeded 9.8 million. Over the past two years, the province has selected a total of 40 provincial-level demonstration roads and 20 provincial-level demonstration city entrances for renovation.

This year, for the first time, the province has started the selection of provincial-level demonstration railways, demanding the joint efforts by the railway authorities and the local governments. That is, the railway sections in the county (city, district) area are responsible for the railways to be selected, and the county (city, district) railway sections and the railway workshop-level sections will apply jointly for co-establishment of demonstration railways.

The requirements for being selected as a provincial-level demonstration road (city entrance) are as follows: upon the elimination of the problems along the line, it must have highlighted model features and time features, be advanced and forward-looking in originality, be innovative and scientific in methodology, have strong characteristics and practicality of a project, and fully reflect the regional characteristics and historical and cultural accumulation, so that it can be learned from as a model and keep pace with the times to meet the needs of development in a certain period of time in the future. As an official from the Provincial “Renovation and Demolition” Office said, in selection of demonstration roads, we will consider not only the meeting of standards, but also its dynamic performance, with attention to the normal and long-term process of development. The honorary title of those that have been selected as provincial-level demonstration roads (city entrances)will be retained three years only, with at least one unannounced visit each year, and in the fourth year, a re-evaluation will be required. If it does not pass the reassessment, it shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit or the honor will be cancelled.

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