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The Reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Won an Award
2018-09-26 10:37:07

Recently, the results of the first “China Integrity Innovation Award” were announced, and the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” reform in Zhejiang Province was on the list.


The “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” reform is a revolution in the way that power is exercised, which strengthens the standardization of the exercise of power and the regulation of power by reducing and limiting power. The relevant person in charge of the Office of the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Reform introduced that the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” reform had achieved satisfactory results: the exclusive power of the administrative approval is no longer monopolized by the authorities through the implementation of “one window acceptance” and “non-face-to-face approval”, which limits the misuse of power to the maximum extent; the work style of the Party and the government had been corrected through the establishment of the system of “online service for all procedures” and the implementation of the transparent operation; the processing time of complaints and reports had been reduced from 22 days to 4 days, and the rate of repeated complaints and reports had been reduced from 55 % to 15%, through the building of the 12345 unified platform for the inquiry, complaints and reports related to government service, thus making the exercise of power more standardized and transparent; the abuse of law enforcement rights and arbitrary inspection had been effectively prevented, by creating a “once and for all” mechanism to explore smart and prudential supervision. Over the past year or more since the reform, the Party members and cadres have further enhanced their sense of service and responsibility, making the relationship between the Party and the masses more intimate and friendly. According to authoritative surveys, the satisfaction rate for the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” reform has reached 94.7% and the satisfaction rate of the masses for the work style and the integrity of the Party and the government has reached 94.8% across this province.


It is reported that the “China Integrity Innovation Award” was jointly organized by the Clean Government Construction and Governance Research Committee of the China Management Modernization Research Association and the Tsinghua University Integrity and Governance Research Center. Four out of the 10 award-winning projects are selected from Zhejiang Province, including Alibaba’s building of the integrity and compliance system, the list of 36 powers at Ninghai Village level, and the establishment of the first village supervision committee nationwide and the three projects of village-level supervision in Wuyi, in addition to the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” reform.


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