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Ningbo and Huzhou Receive Impact from Outer Typhoon Mangkhut
2018-09-19 10:26:07

Affected by the convective cloud clusters of the outer typhoon Mangkhut, heavy rain was reported in some parts of Ningbo and Huzhou in our province from September 16 to 17, and local departments responded actively to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.


Ningbo Flood Control Headquarters started Level IV emergency response at 10:15 on 17th September. From 8:00 on 16th to 14:00 on 17th, the surface rainfall of Ningbo City was 114.3 millimeters, of which Beilun District received the highest rainfall. Due to continuous heavy rainfall, farmland in Baifeng, Guoju and Meishan sub-districts in the area was flooded, and there was serious water accumulation in the roads and villages and Xiaomen and Shangyang in Baifeng Sub-district. Government departments in Beilun District responded actively. Following the meteorological early warning, the Water Conservancy Department had preliminary discharge of the three major rivers on Sunday. Since 4:00 Monday all the 89 sluice gates along the coast had started to discharge flood according to the sea level in the open seas. The Traffic Department sent five buses to Baifeng Sub-district to transfer people. The Urban Management Department sent out 2 vehicles and 194 people to remove the water in the city. The Land Department had conducted a careful check on the hidden danger of geological disasters in the whole region.


Ninghai County received the most impact from the rain. On Monday morning, the WeChat group named "Cadres Working Hard" in Shenzhen Town of the county reported the real time situation in the local places: "Mudslide in Heshimen", "Water flowing into the houses of villagers in Lingxu Village", "Roads at the Jinhai Yabao Chemical Plant are seriously damaged by the flood, and the isolation walls have been destroyed." When informed of the situation, more than 100 cadres from the town of Shenzhen have been sent to work on flood prevention, and the cadres went to work in the villages associated with them to give guidance, so as to timely transfer people who may be affected by small river floods, geological hazards, low-lying areas prone to waterlogging and dangerous houses to ensure their safety. Up to now, more than 30 construction projects have been shut down in Shenzhen Town, and the business of the homestay hotels in the tourist area has been suspended.


From the afternoon of September 16, the whole city of Huzhou was hit by big or heavy rain, and heavy storm in partial places, especially extra heavy storm in the northern part of Changxing, accompanied by severe convection weather such as thunderstorm and short wind.


According to the monitoring of the Hydrological Department of Huzhou City, from 8:00 on September 16 to 14:00 on September 17, the surface rainfall of Huzhou City was 65 mm, and that of Changxing County was 104.3 mm, among which the rainfall of Shuikou Township of Changxing County was 175.2 mm. In Shuikou Township, heavy rain caused water accumulation on roads, damage to power facilities and stranded tourists. Emergency teams were quickly organized to do a good job in repairing power lines, and clearing roads. Fire fighters and civil rescue teams rushed to help, and the stranded tourists were moved to safe places.


However, in Jiapu New Street, Jiapu Town, Changxing County, there was obvious water accumulation on the road due to the heavy rainfall, and the water was as deep as 1 meter in some sections. In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, the town organized traffic police, urban management, sanitation and other departments to do a good job of evacuation.

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