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Pilot Project of "Slope-Land Villages and Towns" in Zhejiang Saved More Than 20,000 Mu of Land for Construction
2018-09-17 09:41:17

The reporter learned from the site meeting of constructing Zhejiang ecological "slope-land villages and towns" (SLVT) held in Huzhou on September 13 that the pilot work of constructing SLVT in Zhejiang Province, which started in 2015, has effectively protected and saved the cultivated land, and paved a new road with Zhejiang characteristics: making use of low hills and gentle slopes. At present, among the 166 pilot SLVT projects that have been approved and implemented in the province, none of the 9,487 mu of land involves arable land, and the total land saved amounts to 20,655 mu. It is expected that the per-mu investment of the project will reach over 9 million yuan. The pilot policy of SLVT has been transformed into a normal and universal policy.  


"Saving farmland, protecting ecology and promoting development" is the three bottom lines that every region must strictly observe. Only by strictly adhering to these three bottom lines can we better promote the construction of ecological SLVT in the province and achieve economic prosperity and ecological beauty through the projects.


According to the requirements, by means of point layout and vertical development, the SLVT projects should be developed ecologically, using no cultivated land and as few woodland (garden land) as possible. They shall not involve environmental sensitive areas such as drinking water source protection areas, places with potential hazards or areas of high vulnerability, etc., and shall ensure ecological safety. They must meet the requirements of national ecological economy development, meet the needs of local economic and social development, be suitable for construction on low hills and gentle slopes, and choose projects that are integrated with new urbanization, beautiful rural construction, rural leisure tourism and health care leisure vacation, so as to promote the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.

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