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Provincial Government Hold Special Meeting Tuesday to Study SOE Reform
2018-09-13 10:01:04

On the morning of September 11, Governor Yuan Jiajun chaired a special meeting of the Provincial Government, listened to the report on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises (SOE) in the province, and deliberated over documents on deepening SOE reform in Zhejiang Province.


Yuan Jiajun pointed out that in recent years, the SOE reform in our province has achieved remarkable results, the comprehensive strength of SOEs is strong, the assets reorganization of provincial enterprises is effective, and the number of leading enterprises is large, which has become an important force supporting the sustained and healthy development of the province's economy and society.


Yuan Jiajun stressed that the SOE reform is a major reform that concerns the overall situation and long-term development. We must fully carry out General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on SOE reform, focus on implementation of major strategic tasks and major decisions of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, steadily make the state-owned economy bigger, stronger, and more competitive, and accelerate incubation of world first-class enterprises that can reflect the vitality and competitiveness of Zhejiang, so as to make more contributions to the construction of "two high levels".


Yuan Jiajun pointed out that deepening the SOE reform is the best joint point to build "a qualified government and an effective market". We need to firmly establish the working orientation of "making a strong province in four aspects", focus on winning the three major battles and implementing the ten action plans for enriching the people and strengthening the provinces, give full play to the important strategic role of state-owned enterprises in supporting the province, and strive to be the leader in high-quality development. We should focus on quality, competitiveness and modernization, accelerate the establishment of an indicator system, a work system, a policy system and an evaluation system, and vigorously implement the "six key pillars" of unified supervision of state-owned assets, reform and transformation of SOEs, optimization and integration of distribution, improvement of corporate governance, transformation of regulatory functions, and strengthening of party building of SOEs. We should combine deepening reform with effective control, establish a unified supervision system at the three levels of provinces, cities and counties, improve the department coordination mechanism, strengthen the internal control system of SOEs, and achieve classified supervision. We need to deepen the reform of "administrative regulation and service", and ensure an effective administration and decentralization. We will explore and improve mechanisms for error tolerance, correction, incentives and rewards to further stimulate the innovation and development of state-owned enterprises.

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