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The online launch of Zhejiang Mobile Micro Court makes the “Mobile phone lawsuit” accessible across Zhejiang.
2018-09-12 11:06:02

On September 10th, Zhejiang Mobile Micro Court was launched online in Zhejiang province, which means that the “mobile phone lawsuit” has been made accessible across this province. Any litigation dispute under the jurisdiction of the courts at all levels in the province can go through the entire process of being put on record, delivered, mediated, trialed, and executed by the persons involved by means of a mobile phone.


On the basis of the original Ningbo Mobile Micro Court, the newly-launched Zhejiang Mobile Micro Court has optimized and improved more than 20 functions. This achievement was achieved through the joint technological breakthroughs led by the Information Center of the Supreme Court over 11 months of updating and upgrading. It is so user-friendly that any one can use this online service so long as he/she can chat on WeChat. The reporter switched on the WeChat applet on the mobile phone, searched for “Zhejiang Mobile Micro Court”, and get entry to Zhejiang Mobile Micro Court through ID card matching and face recognition authentication to communicate with judges like WeChat chatting and directly photograph the evidence before unloading it. To finish this process, one does not need to download and install the app and to add friends. Once the judges “builds up a group”, the court trial can be started, with both parties expressing their appeals in the group, the judges mediating in the middle, and the two parties signing their names on the mobile phone to confirm directly after reaching a consensus.


According to statistics, at present, more than 90% of civil, commercial, administrative and enforcement cases can be dealt with on Zhejiang Mobile Micro Court. “By August 31st, the parties have applied for the registration of more than 20,000 cases online. The judges of the two levels of courts in Ningbo organized online pre-trial meetings, exchange of evidence, trials, and inquiries for more than 6,000 cases, as well as inter-provincial and inter-city trials and mediation for more than 1,000 cases. The person in charge of Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court said that the pilot use of the micro-court in the Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court had achieved obvious results, with the efficiency of and satisfaction with the trial of cases greatly improved.


It is learned that the Supreme People’s Court of Zhejiang Province treats Zhejiang Mobile Micro Court as a judicial reform practice of the reform in the “maximum one visit service procedure”, requiring all courts at all levels in this province to become familiar with this app and apply it into practice so soon as possible.

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