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Zhejiang Deployed Third Land Survey
2018-09-11 09:43:50

On the afternoon of September 6, after the conclusion of the Third National Land Survey Teleconference, our province immediately held a teleconference to implement the spirit of the national conference and deploy the third national land survey.

Our province will strictly control the quality of investigation so that the results of the Third Land Survey can stand the test of time and history. No local government, department, unit or individual may falsify, conceal or delay the survey data, or manipulate it.

Next, our province will timely adjust and enrich our work plan and technical plan according to the adjustment of the national plan, and further clarify time nodes, decompose work tasks and implement work responsibilities. We will actively apply modern technologies such as remote sensing and mapping, geographic information, and "Internet plus" to carry out intra-industry and out-industry surveys in all areas, so as to achieve full coverage of urban and rural land surveys and informationize the process of investigation, management and application. To connect relevant data well, we should not only form the latest and most accurate investigation results in accordance with the requirements of the state, but also give full play to the role of existing investigation results to reduce administrative costs and improve investigation efficiency. At the same time, we should strengthen the management and application of research results, and give play to their fundamental role in serving economic development and social management, supporting macro-control and scientific decision-making.

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