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The Transformation of Villages Within Cities Is Progressing Steadily in Zhejiang Province
2018-09-10 09:36:01

Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Office of“Three Transformations and One Demolition”that this province plans to complete the demolition and relocation of 938 urban villages, with 271,100 households involved, this year.


With the work of “Three Transformations and One Demolition” being carried out in the sixth year, this province has demolished 1.012 billion square meters of unapproved construction projects and renovated 1.528 billion square meters of construction projects by means of“Three Transformations”, with a number of 2.31 million households benefiting from the transformation of urban villages and old residential areas. “In terms of statistics, achievements, and implications, this work has been continuously expanded and improved far beyond expectations.” The relevant person in charge of this work from the Provincial Office of“Three Transformations and One Demolition”said that while seeing a series of achievements, we must refocus our attention on issues and seek rectification and further improvement. “In the first half of this year, affected by the financial situation and the policies related to the transformations of urban villages, the areas, where transformations have been progressing relatively rapidly in the past few years, are facing greater financial pressures, thus failing to progress fast enough. From January to July this year, 295 urban villages were demolished and relocated, involving 116,300 households.


Since last year, this province has been making the transformation of urban villages one of the criteria for the forging of “Counties (Cities, Prefectures) Without Unapproved Construction Projects”for the first time, and has been paying more attention to the establishment of the long-term regulation and control mechanism. Under the large framework of strengthening the top-level design at the provincial level, localities have been making innovations by adapting to local conditions: Aojiang Township, Pingyang County has introduced a “ticket office” system that the households, which purchase the resettlement houses in stock or the commercial houses in stock approved by the township government within 12 months, can apply for housing subsidies, so as to speed up the resettlement progress; Shaoxing will include 119 villages in the urban areas in the list of the key resettlement projects, requiring “signing the agreement,vacating the , dismantling them in the same year” thus cracking the hard nut of“fragmentation”in the transformation.


The relevant person in charge of the renovation work from the Provincial Office of “Three Transformations and One demolition”said that all localities, based on their actual conditions, should combine the transformation of urban villages with the comprehensive improvement of environment and the attraction of investment and other work, in small towns, integrate funds from all parties, innovate the model of transformation, and steadily promote the transformation of urban villages.

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