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Provincial Government Holds Video and Telephone Conference on Food Security Responsibility System: Yuan Jiajun Gives Instructions
2018-08-09 09:34:37

Tuesday, the provincial government held a video and telephone conference on food security responsibility system and food work. In accordance with the assessment requirements of the food security responsibility system for 2018, all local places shallconsolidate work responsibilities at various levels, plan and implement work tasks at high standards, and strive to build a higher-level, higher-quality, more efficient and more sustainable food security guarantee system.

Prior to the meeting, Vice Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Governor Yuan Gujun gave instructions for the provincial work of food: over the past year, all local governments and relevant departments have firmly established the concept of "food security", strictly implemented the responsibility system for food safety, actively promoted supply-side reforms of food, vigorously developed the food industry economy, and made great efforts to build a high level of food safety system. As a result, we have won Excellence in the first national assessment of food security responsibility system, which is worth praising. This year, all relevant departments should strengthen the sense of national food security strategy, consolidate food security responsibility, improve overall grain production capacity, pay special attention to the “rice bag” and “quality grain”, and let the people "eat well" and "eat safely", so as to guarantee food security at a higher quality and a higher level in the province.

To pay attention to the “rice bag” means to strengthen responsibilities. The responsibility system for food security should be closely integrated with actual work and local conditions to realize the goal of promoting food work and improving the ability to ensure food security. To strengthen our capacity, we must promote food production, storage and distribution in a coordinated manner. To promote “quality grain”, we should focus on the development of the grain industry, improve the grain industry management system, make full use of grain reserves, and create a fair and open market environment. We should focus on the supply of high-quality grain, guide the production of high-quality grain, strengthen supervision over grain quality and make scientific use of modern information.We should focus on improving the grain team and contribute to the realization of "two high levels".

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