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A Fishing Boat Wrecked in Xiangshan Sea Area, Che Jun and Yuan Jiajun Urged All-Out Rescue
2018-08-07 10:19:34

At 18 p.m. on 4th August, the Ocean and Fishery Department of Xiangshan County received information from Ningbo Maritime Department that a fishing boat wrecked at 29o28,N and 122o56,E, and 3 of the 14 people who had fallen into the water had been rescued. By 0 o’clock of the 5th, the other 11 people were still missing.


On receiving the report, the provincial leaders Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun, Feng Fei and Gao Xingfu immediately gave instructions to Ningbo City, Zhoushan City, the Provincial Maritime Search and Rescue Center and the Provincial Ocean and Fishery Bureau and demanded them to organize an all-out rescue and find out the reasons so as to strengthen the management of ships at sea.


After receiving the message, the ocean and fishery department immediately informed the ships in nearby sea areas (Zhejiang Xiangshan Fishing 29716, Zhejiang Xiangshan Fishing 43003, China Fishery Administration 33201, China Fishery Administration 33205, China Fishery Administration 33212, China Marine Surveillance 7028 and Escort Ship No.4) to drive to the shipwrecking area and spare no efforts to search and rescue, and also mobilized nearby fishing boats to go for rescue.


Up to now, the rescue is still going on, and the shipwreck reasons and victim identities are under investigation.

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