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A New Round of Provincial-level River Patrol Started
2018-08-06 10:10:46

Recently, the reporter learned from the Water Control Office (the River Patrol Office) of Zhejiang Province that with those in charge of river patrol at all levels in the province taking office, a new round of provincial-level river patrol operation has been started.


From July 30th to July 31st, the provincial-level directors in charge of the patrol of Feiyun River carried out a patrol to conduct research on the implementation of the river (lake) patrol system, rural sewage treatment, and the treatment of watercourses.


The provincial-level directors in charge of the patrol of Feiyun River carried out on-the-spot visits to Lishui and Wenzhou along the Feiyun River, focusing on the comprehensive environmental management, the construction of beautiful watercourses, and the creation of “zero-sewage discharge zones”, carefully looking into the implementation of the river (lake) patrol system and the regulation of the watercourses in the two places, and giving comments and suggestions.


In recent years, the river patrol work at all levels in our province has been promoted in a down-to-earth manner, steadily improving the environment. All this has culminated in the notable achievements made in the exploration of the river patrol system, the treatment of key pollution sources, the driving of water control atmosphere, and the improvement of the quality of water environment.


It is learned that Zhejiang has forged a river (lake) patrol system combining the coordination of the five levels of the province, cities, counties, townships and villages, and initially formed a long-term mechanism and a responsibility system for water control with the river (lake) patrol system as the core. There are more than 57,000 directors in charge of river patrol at various levels and more than 4,000 in charge of lake patrol at all levels in the province, who can manage the patrol of all the watercourse. Among them, the provincial cadres serve as directors at the highest level in charge of 6 watercourses including the Qiantang River, the Ou River, the Tiaoxi River, the Zhejiang Section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, the Cao’e River, and the Feiyun River.


This year, the province will actively carry out the construction of beautiful rivers and lakes, deepen the creation of the “zero-sewage discharge zones”, and make every effort to consolidate, improve and actively promote the implementation of the river (lake) patrol system. In order to ensure the long-term effectiveness of work, this province has launched the “Four Ones” water control supervision operation, focusing on the deterioration of the water quality in the section controlled by the above-county levels as well as the implementation of the relevant river (lake) patrol system, the long-term mechanism and the anti-rebound measures in the manner of “one reminder one month, one supervision one month, one notification one month, and one evaluation one month”, gradually transforming from the on-site supervisions to the system supervisions to preventing the flood control work from rebounding repeatedly.

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