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The Contribution Rate of 10 Key Industries to the Profit Growth of the Standard-Sized Industries in Zhejiang Province Has exceeded 60%.
2018-08-06 10:09:44

In the first half of this year, the expenditures of science and technology activities and the output value of new products of 10 key traditional manufacturing industries in Zhejiang has increased by 23.4% and 15.4% respectively year-on-year. It is the first time for these industries to catch up with the average level of the standard-sized industries across the province in recent years. This means that the transformation of traditional manufacturing in Zhejiang has achieved initial success.


Traditional manufacturing industries accounts for more than 60% of all the industries in Zhejiang. These industries are the main body of Zhejiang’s real economy and thus the foundation of Zhejiang’s economic development and the source of enriching the people. In the case of complex and volatile external environment and high production costs, the traditional manufacturing industries in Zhejiang have showed their great tenacity in the course of development in the first half of this year.

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