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Zhejiang Holds Meeting to Report on Environment Rectification
2018-08-03 11:43:33

On 1st August, Zhejiang held a working meeting on ecological and environmental protection in response to the Environment Supervision Team of the Central Government (EST) to report on the progress of rectification and the ecological condition of our province in the first half year.

Up to now, of the 46 items to be rectified according to EST feedback, 9 have been completed with 18 concrete problems solved. The 9 items with 13 concrete problems which are required to be finished by the end of June 2018 have all been completed. According to the agenda, our province must finish 14 items by the end of September and 27 items by the end of this year. As far as the complaint letters are concerned, of the 6920 letters transferred to our province by the EST, 6793 have been responded with rectification. Of the remaining 127 letters, 66 are required to be responded with rectification by the end of this year. Huzhou and Jiaxing each have 29 of the letters.

Zhejiang Province has always attached great importance to environmental rectification, and has set up an effective working system which emphasizes monthly schedule, monthly report and monthly supervision. Since the last year, we have conducted two rounds of provincial-level supervision, and have demanded 16 counties (cities and districts) which lag behind to have rectifications. Up to the present, 44 people have been called to account for their inefficiency in rectification.

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