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Level 4 Emergency Response Launched against Typhoon Skylark
2018-08-03 11:42:55

On Thursday morning, this year’s No.12 Typhoon Skylark will land on the coastal area between Xiangshan, Zhejiang Province and Qidong, Jiangsu Province. According to Zhejiang Province Emergency Plans for Flood Control, Typhoon Resistance and Drought Relief, the Provincial Flood Control Headquarters (PFCH) started Level IV Emergency Response against Typhoon Skylark at 16 o’clock Tuesday, and demanded departments at all levels to plan and deploy ahead of time in typhoon resistance.


According to the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, at 16 o’clock Tuesday the center of Typhoon Skylark was on the East China Sea 445 kilometers away east of Zhoushan, with its paracentral maximum wind at Force 8. It is expected that Skylark will move southwest at a speed of 10 km/h. Under its influence, the wind in Hangzhou Bay will increase to Force 7 to 9 on 2nd August, and there will be wind of Force 6 to 8 in northern Ningbo and Jiaxing on Thursday. From Wednesday afternoon to Thursday, some places in Northern Zhejiang will see heavy rain, and big storm locally.


On Tuesday afternoon, PFCH called a meeting with departments of water conservancy, meteorology, oceanology and hydrology to discuss the trend of Skylark and measures to be taken. It is estimated that Skylark at the strongest moment will be tropical storm, which, although not so strong, may bring great storm to part regions. In the night, PFCH called a video meeting to make arrangements fighting against Skylark.

PFCH demanded all departments to focus on the aim of “no loss of life, few injuries and little loss of property”, and fully carry out measures of monitoring and forecasting, people transferring and risk avoiding, vessel sheltering, facility security managing and information conveying and reporting. To fully implement the responsibility system of flood control, flood control headquarters at all levels must strengthen unified command and affiliated units must cooperate closely and do their work dutifully. All levels of flood control leaders must be on the post as planned to carry out their duties and make sure everything goes on smoothly.

Now it is at the critical opening date in the summer close season. The Provincial Ocean and Fisheries Administration urged all departments to strengthen control over fishing vessels: ships which started fishing on 1st August must not go to sea, and those which are still working on the sea must go back to the harbor or stay in safe water areas to avoid risks. Fishing vessels are strictly forbidden to go to sea before the coast is clear.

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