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Reform towards "Separation of Licenses and Permits" Achieved Periodical Results, with a Total of 44,656 Applications in the Pilot Areas of Our Province
2018-08-27 10:44:55

The reform towards "separation of licenses and permits" in our province has achieved periodical results. It is learned from the site meeting on promotion of the reform in Zhoushan on August 23rd that, as of July 31, a total of 44,656 applications had been handled in the pilot areas of our province, of which 712 pieces were free from administrative approval, 15,297 pieces were to be recorded only, 8,295 were to have notification and commitments, 9424 were to improve transparency and predictability, and 10,928 were to strengthen the admittance regulation.


The reform towards "separation of licenses and permits" is an important content of the reform of government functions and "maximum one visit service procedure". In January this year, the provincial government formulated and implemented the Pilot Program for Advancing the Separation of Licenses and Permits, which brings 98 administrative approval items under reform, including 4 items free of approval, 2 items requiring registration only, 21 items requiring to have notification and commitments, 37 items to improve transparency and predictability, and 34 items to strengthen access supervision. The pilot areas include China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Zhoushan Islands New District and 29 State-Level Development Zones.


Through the reform in the pilot areas, the efficiency of handling matters has been further improved. The average time for handling pilot items in pilot areas in the province has been reduced from about 12 days before the reform to about 4 days, effectively easing the "difficulty in handling permits". Transparency has been further improved. Procedures and materials required for handling affairs have been made public through various online and offline channels, bringing convenience to the people and enterprises. The functions and management modes of the government have been further transformed. The previous management mode of the government that attaches importance to examination and approval rather than supervision has been improved. A more strict regulatory system has been further formed and the regulatory measures have been effectively implemented.


Our province will further simplify approval procedures by reduction the number of permits after issuing the business license, continuously improve the regulatory system and the level of data sharing, speed up to realize 100% online handling of market access and 100% share of data resources, and push forward a series of reform measures including “separation of licenses and permits", "multiple permits in one" and “joint handling of licenses and permits”, so as to achieve new results for pilot reforms.

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