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Political Standards Given Top Priority in the Selection and Employment of Cadres
2018-08-22 09:54:48

What factors are the most critical when cadres are recruited and hired? Zhejiang takes a clear-cut position: top priority must be given to political standards. In recent years, this province has adhered to the principle of vertical role model, highlighting political standards in the change of personnel upon completion of a term of office, the annual assessment, the inspection and rectification, and the daily assessment, thus establishing an orientation of “top priority to political performance”.

Highlighting the political criteria for selecting and employing people is based on the premise and basis of the precise assessment of the political performance of cadres. All localities across this province should strengthen the investigation of the political performance of cadres in the work concerning the selection of cadres, and at the same time exploration should be made into the evaluation methods for the political performance of cadres, in order to carry out positive and negative two-way evaluation by setting up positive and negative evaluation indicators.

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