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More Than 280,000 students Were Admitted to Higher Schools in Zhejiang Province in the 2018 New College Entrance Examinations.
2018-08-22 09:51:58

On August 20th, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang Education Examinations Authority that the admission of the Zhejiang college entrance examinations has been successfully completed this year. Recently, 284,900 new students admitted have received admission notices sent by universities and colleges, and they can check their admission information on the website of Zhejiang Education Examinations Authority (www.zjzs.net).

This year is the second year of the admission of the new college entrance examinations. On the basis of achieving stable examinations and smooth application of target schools, this province has once again achieved a smooth admission. The number of admissions to leading universities in this province reached a new high, indicating the benefits brought by the corresponding reforms again. According to reports, this year saw a total enrollment of 284,900 students, with the overall acceptance rate reaching 93.02%. On the basis of the uniform examinations, the trinity enrollment highlights a comprehensive and individualized evaluation of the students, underscoring the comprehensive quality and ability of the selected students. Based on this enrollment mode, 59 pilot colleges and universities have enrolled 10,500 students. The advance enrollment of higher vocational schools has implemented a policy of two-way choice between candidates and universities, and this mode managed to enroll for 45 pilot higher vocational schools 18,600 students, 4,100 of whom were admitted by more than 2 schools.

The reporter learned that the average rate of application for colleges during the third batch of enrollment reached 95.65% in our province this year. Most candidates filled in more than 60 applications, and nearly half of the candidates filled in 80 applications. The average application rate of the general category was 96.82%, which was a new high on the basis of the high of 95.00% last year. The average application rate of the batch of enrollment was as high as 99.80%, which was higher than 99.59% last year. In the parallel application for colleges during the first and second batches of enrollments, the distribution of students in the regional colleges is particularly balanced, and there are no geographical vacancies. The undergraduate students are generally fully enrolled. Some hot programs offered in academies also realized their objective of enrollment on the basis of 10 scores higher than the acceptance line for the second batch of enrollment. After the first round of application during the third batch of enrollment, the public majors basically complete their enrollment. In addition, the average rate of retreats during the third batch of enrollment is about 0.34‰, which is only 1/68 of the rate of the first batch of enrollment for liberal arts and sciences in the old college entrance examinations. The number of retreats has dropped sharply to 1/6 of last year.

Next, Zhejiang Education Examinations Authority will report the admission lists in this province to the Ministry of Education for the electronic registration of new students. After the completion of the college entrance examinations in this province, no further re-recording will be conducted.


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