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Zhejiang Promotes Pilot Reform for Construction Project Approval System, Reducing Whole Process to 100 Working Days
2018-08-21 11:03:26

By the end of 2018, Zhejiang will reduce the approval time of the whole process of general construction projects to less than 100 working days. By the end of June 2019, a unified provincial project approval and management system will be basically completed, and Zhejiang will become a province with the least items to be approved, the simplest process of application and approval, the highest efficiency and the strongest sense of gain with the people and enterprises. Recently, according to the Provincial Construction Department, the newly issued “Implementation Plan for Project Approval System Reform Pilot in Zhejiang Province” (hereinafter referred to as "the plan") has further accelerated the project approval process.


The plan emphasizes combination of different approval stages in the whole process. In the planning and licensing stage of land use, we promote the reform of "standard land", establish the one-time integrated notification system of construction conditions, and implement the real-time handling of construction land planning license. In the licensing stage of construction, we adopt the commitment or joint examination mechanism for the design scheme. In the licensing stage of construction, we further improve the joint examination mechanism for the construction drawing, and once the drawing is approved, one can go for the construction permit. In the phase of acceptance upon completion, we promote "integration of completion and test", and one visit for completion acceptance and records. At the same time, we adopt the "five-fold" approval system, i.e., "one blueprint" to coordinate the implementation of the project, "one system" to implement unified management, "one window" to provide comprehensive services, "one form" to integrate application materials, and "one mechanism" to regulate approval procedures.


Over the last year, our province has fully realized the online paperless joint examination of construction drawings, established the electronic file database of construction drawings, and created favorable conditions for the online processing of project approval. In accordance with the digital transformation deployment of the government, the plan realizes collection, transmission and storage of the red line map of construction land, project design map, construction map and completion map, and interconnects and integrates with the online approval and supervision platform for investment projects, so as to promote the online paperless process of project approval.


In May this year, Zhejiang became the only pilot province to carry out the reform of the project approval system in China. The issuance of the plan marks that the pilot project has entered a stage of comprehensive development and accelerated promotion. Zhejiang Province continues to be at the forefront of the "maximum one visit service procedure" reform in construction projects.

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