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Party Members and Cadres Across Zhejiang Province Struggled to Defend Against Typhoon “Wambia”.
2018-08-20 10:34:30

Just after “Capricorn”, “Wambia” followed. At 15 o’clock on August 16th, the reporter learned from the press conference held by Zhejiang flood and Drought Prevention Office that compared with the previous typhoons this year, the water vapor carried by “Wenbia” will be more sufficient and its impact will last longer. The Northeastern Zhejiang and coastal areas that may be mainly affected by this typhoon have already been affected by the previous typhoons, with the water content of the soil saturated. A new round of heavy rain will easily lead to regional guilt and geological disasters. Considering this, Zhejiang flood and Drought Prevention Office is guiding various departments in all localities to step up the deployment of corresponding measures.


According to the plan, the office of joint meetings for the prevention of geological disaster in Zhejiang Province has also started level-IV emergency response to geological disasters at 9:00 on the 16th. All localities should timely organize the evacuation of the people in risky costal areas of the coastal islands, in accordance with the requirements of “increasing the number of people to be transferred in advance and expanding the scope of people to be transferred”, so that all those who should be transferred are to be transferred. Increased efforts should be made to underscore the inspection and monitoring of those areas susceptible to floods and geological disasters, so that once risks are spotted, it is imperative to give timely warning and transfer people.


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