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Zhejiang Province Initiated the Reform in the Self-Declaration of Enterprise Names.
2018-08-02 14:39:58

It is faster and more convenient to have a business name registered. On August 1st, Self-Declaration System of Enterprise Names of Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Electronic Platform (http://wsdj.zjaic.gov.cn) was officially launched, marking the commencement of the reform in the self-declaration of enterprise names across the whole province. In the future, after deciding on their names and going through their declarations, all eligible enterprises in Zhejiang can apply for registration directly in the system, saving the trouble of submitting names for approval beforehand.


Under what conditions can an enterprise directly declare its name? The reporter learned from the Enterprise Registration Office of Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce that in addition to the advance name declaration for two cases of “necessity of the advance approval of matters” and “name approval and name registration at different authorities”, the remaining enterprises can directly have their names declared. It is learned that, together with the self-declaration system, the bank for the restricted names established by Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce was also officially launched. After the applicant enters the proposed name, the system will automatically perform automatic intelligent screening and automatic review. After the approval, the “Enterprise Name Self-declaration Notification Form” will be automatically generated and the SMS will be sent to the applicant. Subsequently, the applicant can continue to apply for full electronic registration, or apply for registration with the registration authority by using a self-declaration text message as evidence.


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