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Comprehensively Carry out Quality Improvement Activities to Accelerate High-Quality Development, Says Yuan Jiajun
2018-08-13 17:39:02

A provincial quality conference was held on Thursday. Governor Yuan Jiajun stressed that the brand is an intangible asset with rich economic value and a corporate culture recognized by customers. We must further carry out General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of instructions on the importance of quality, focus on the mainline of supply side structural reform, and stick to the orientation of building a strong province by innovation, so that we may carry out quality improvement comprehensively. We must continuously promote the construction of a strong province by standards, by quality, by brands and by "Made in Zhejiang ", and comprehensively improve the quality of product engineering service, the quality of industrial development, the quality of ecological environment and the quality of regional development, so as to speed up the high quality development.


Wang Wenxu presided over the conference, with parallel sessions set in each city and county (city and district). The meeting honored enterprises and teams that won the 2017 Provincial Government Quality Awards such as Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Hangzhou Sino-Us East China Pharmaceutical, and Zhejiang Entive Electric, Co.

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