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National Marine Inspectorate Group Gave Feedback to Zhejiang. Wang Hong Attended This Feedback Meeting and Informed Those Present of the Inspectors’ Comments, and Yuan Jiajun Made a Statement.
2018-07-06 10:53:16

From November 20th to December 19th, 2017, the fourth group of the National Marine Inspectorate Group carried out special inspections on the reclamation of the sea in Zhejiang Province. With the approval of the State Council, on July 4th, the inspectorate group reported the opinions of the inspectors to the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. Wang Hong, member of the party group of the Ministry of Natural Resources and director of the State Oceanic Administration, attended the meeting and informed those present of the inspectors’ comments. Governor Yuan Jiajun made a statement, stressing the need to improve the awareness of overall planning and take action quickly, to ensure the rectification and implementation in a unswerving, timely and quality manner, and to accelerate the high quality oceanic development. Vice governor Gao Xingfu presided over this meeting, and Lin Shanqing, member of the party group of the Ministry of Natural Resources, attended the meeting.

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