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To Be Qualified “Rangers” in Political Ecology: PDIC and PSC Aim to Improve Supervision and Inspection Effects
2018-07-05 10:53:37

Recently, the Second Inspection Office of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission (PDIC) and the Provincial Supervision Commission (PSC) has improved 350 “Anti-Corruption Files” of the provincial-controlled cadres. On a one-person-one-file base, those files are subject to dynamic management and real time upgrading. The setting of those files is closely related with the transformation of the roles of the discipline execution and supervision departments.
According to the demands of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission, the province attaches great importance to mechanism innovation, and is the first in the country to set the discipline execution and supervision department and the investigation department separately. The core duty of the first to the seventh discipline inspection offices has changed to getting to know the political conditions of the associated area, and their key task is to supervise and examine the duty of the Party committee of the contact units to strengthen Party disciplines. One big challenge facing them is how to achieve real effects in supervision and inspection after they no longer handle cases.
In order to get to know the political conditions of the contacted units as soon as possible, the discipline execution and supervision department may adopt ways of field research, individual talks, reference to related documents and seminars to conduct a complete and thorough “political examination” on the contact units and areas.

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