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Work Hard to Bring the Work on Retired Soldiers to a New Level
2018-07-05 10:47:57

As the journalist learned from the Conference of the Provincial Work on Retired Soldiers on 3rd July, Zhejiang Province will firmly carry out the decisions and deployments of the Central Party Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, specify obligations and duties of related departments, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the military veterans, so as to make soldiers the most respectable profession in the society, and bring the province work on retired soldiers to a new level.

Those ex-servicemen in the province have devoted all their youth to national defense, to the peace and security of the people. After retirement, they carry forward their fine traditions to their present positions and make their own contributions to the “two high-level” constructions of the province. In recent years, the local departments at all levels have taken the work on retired soldiers as an important task and provided them with the best possible service. With comprehensive measures and concerted efforts, they have achieved period results.

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