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Good Results Have Been Achieved in the Standardization of the Publicity of the Grassroots Government Affairs in Zhejiang Province.
2018-07-04 10:20:08

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Provincial Government Information Publicity Office that seven pilot counties (cities, districts) in this province have achieved good results since the establishment of this province as a national pilot area for the standardization of the publicity of the grassroots government affairs in May last year.


The publicity of the government affairs is an important foundation and prerequisite for building a government in the sunshine and a transparent government. The relevant person in charge from the Provincial Government Information Publicity Office introduced that the pilot units and relevant departments had actively used the concepts, methods, and styles embodied in the reform of the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” to promote the openness of government affairs, to incite the reform of the power operation mechanisms, and to adopt a series of practical and effective measures, thus innovating a series of unique practices like “Approval in the Sunshine”, “Collection in the Sunshine”, “Transaction in the Sunshine”, “Poverty Alleviation in the Sunshine”, and “Transformation in the Sunshine” and improving the people's sense of gain.


Jiangbei District of Ningbo City puts the information of parents’ concern onto the public information platform for the schools in this district, including 15 categories of data like teaching information, campus security, and student management. From this platform, parents can have “point-to-point” precise access to any information on the schools which their children attend. This is one of the modes of the publicity of the government affairs in Jiangbei District that provide individualized service from the perspective of the people. By adhering to demand-orientation and goal-orientation, the local government has sorted out items of notice and 281 items of approval, thus basically realizing a full coverage of the lists of items of notice and items of approval. On this basis, the “integrated publicly” will be realized according to the perspectives of enterprises, expropriated persons, and individuals, to re-integrate the data to be publicized and thus to improve the government service.


At the same time, Ouhai District of Wenzhou City has developed the “Inquiry System for the Whole Process of Government Service”, which enables the general public to scan the QR code to get the real-time status of the dealing process, as easy as shopping on Taobao. Yiwu City has developed a system of “Comprehensive Service in Yiwu” to built a new mode of “Internet + Government Service”, so as to achieve the effect of “One Comprehensive Online Dealing” and “One Service Procedure”. Linhai City takes the lead in the country to create a local standard for the publicity of information in the whole process of public resource transactions to publicize the transaction information on the public resources in an active, standardizes, and “point-to-point” precise manner, thus realizing the online publicity of the transaction information on the same day and of the information on the issues solved on the same day. Jiangshan City has established a module of “Caring and Thanksgiving” on a one-stop service platform called “Aiding the Socially-disadvantaged”, to help low-income farmers by providing them with “ambition” and “intelligence”. Jiashan County has promoted “Undifferentiated Dealing” of all government service. Gongshu District of Hangzhou City has implemented the management of “Canteens in the Sunshine” on campus.


It is learned that before the end of July this year, the pilot standardization of the publicity of the grassroots government affairs in Zhejiang Province will face a check before acceptance, so as to form a standardized system and related norms for the publicity of the grassroots government affairs that can be replicated, promoted, and assessed. Among these norms, “public satisfaction” will become an important standard for assessment.

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