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Zhejiang to Conduct Full-Process Inspection of Vaccines
2018-07-30 14:53:42

The vaccine incident of Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has presented a continued concern for the public. In order to ensure the safety of the people’s medication, on July 26th, Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration issued the latest notification that the province will further carry out the vaccine quality and safety inspection, mainly focusing on the key links of production, storage, transportation and distribution.


With the purpose of “strict supervision, strict prevention of risks, and strict punishment of illegal activities”, Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration has decided to carry out the quality supervision and inspection of the vaccines covering the whole chain, the whole process and the whole life cycle of the vaccine production, circulation and vaccination in the whole province, so as to further strengthen supervision to ensure the quality, safety and effectiveness of the vaccines in this vaccine.


Based on the comprehensive investigation in the previous stage, this special supervision and inspection of the vaccines will further pay close attention to the circulation and vaccination of other types of vaccines in this province. Once discovered, any potential risk will be promptly investigated and controlled. In order to strengthen the preventives from the source, a comprehensive supervision and inspection will be carries out on the enterprises engaged in the vaccine production, storage, transportation and distribution in our province. The inspection will focus on the key links influencing the quality and safety of the vaccines, including material sources, production processes, aseptic production and purchase channels, legal receipts, acceptance records, the operating conditions of cool storage and transportation, and the disposal of the overdue vaccines.


The source from Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration said that the food and drug departments will also cooperate with the health and family planning departments to conduct prompt inspections of the disease control agencies and the vaccination units to ensure the legal channels, the standardized quality, and the standard vaccination. In the following step, the relevant departments will conduct a systematic analysis of the whole-process and whole-chain supervision of vaccines, so as to continue to improve the long-term system of vaccine supervision.


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