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First Consultation Conference Held in Hangzhou between the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Province; Che Jun, Chen Baosheng and Yuan Jiajun were present.
2018-07-03 10:04:29

  On 28th June, the first consultation conference was held in Hangzhou between the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Province. The Provincial Party Secretary Che Jun, minister of the Ministry of Education Chen Baosheng and Governor Yuan Jiajun were present. At the conference, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement on promoting Zhejiang University to be “double first class”.

  Che Jun first thanked the Ministry of Education for its support to the educational work of Zhejiang. In recent years, he said, Zhejiang had studied and carried out Xi Jinping’s important thoughts on education, fully implemented the “double 8 strategies”, and, by promoting the reform and development of education, achieved striking results in every aspects of the work. At present, Zhejiang is quickening its steps in promoting the “two high levels” development, and the need for educational modernization has never been so urgent. We shall continue to walk down along the path of educational reform and development guided by Xi Jinping, firmly carry out the decisions of this conference, and try to do a good job in education to the satisfaction of the Party and the people, so as to provide strong supports in talent, intelligence and science and technology for the “two high levels” development.

  With its tradition, characteristics and determination in the development of education, Zhejiang has set a typical example for the whole country, said Chen Baosheng in his speech. To do a good job in education in the new era, Zhejiang must first turn the decisions and deployments of the Central Party Committee in education into practice, strengthen the leading status of the Party in education, actively nurture and practice the socialist core values, and improve the key abilities of the students to satisfy the demands of the time and the need of lifelong development. Secondly, Zhejiang must waste no time solving the difficult problems in the reform and development of education. For the problems in pre-school education (such as difficult admittance and expensive tuition) and compulsive education (such as large-size classes and school choice), it should promote industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation and comprehensively improve the abilities in cultivation of innovative talents. Thirdly, it must continue to strengthen the reform of education, deepen the reform in college entrance examination, educational system and investment, quicken up the classified reform of private-funded education, and modulate the investment structure from serving “quantity” to serving “quality”.

  Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Government have always attached great importance to the development of education, said Yuan Jiajun, and put education in a strategic position, a position of priority in development. In recent years, it has quickened its steps in promoting the reform and development of education, strengthened top-level design, innovation and financial support, and given to full support to Zhejiang University to make it a first-class university in the world. For the next step, we shall continue to give priority to educational development, implement the Party’s educational policies comprehensively, and carry out the decisions of this conference with the greatest determination and strength. We shall further carry out the strategy of becoming a strong province in higher education, promote a qualified and balanced development of compulsive education, make up the shortage of resources in preschool education, deepen the comprehensive reform in college entrance examination, actively promote the “double first class” development of universities, and accelerate the industry-education integration, so as to achieve high-level educational modernization by the year 2022.

  Centering on the demands of educational reform and development, the advantages of ministry-province cooperation, and integrated innovation of policies, the conference reached the decisions that the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Province shall jointly promote 10 key educational innovations such as improving the integrated new system of moral education for universities, middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens, improving the new system of elementary education reform, and carrying out the comprehensive reform in college entrance examination.

  Lin Huiqing, deputy minister of the Ministry of Education presided over the meeting, and Chen Jinbiao was present. Cheng Yuechong and Zong Xiaodong respectively introduced the reform and development of education in Zhejiang, and information of Zhejiang University constructing a world first-class university.

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