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Chen Jun Urges to Create New Situation in Developing Strong Province of Network at Conference of Network Security and Information; Yuan Jiajun Presides; Ge Huijun and Zheng Shanjie Present
2018-07-03 10:03:19

On the afternoon of 29th, the Provincial Conference of Network Security and Information was held in Hangzhou. At the conference, the Provincial Party Secretary Che Jun stressed that we should study and carry out Xi Jinping’s strategic thoughts on building a powerful network country, and starting from this, we should seize firmly the historic opportunity and strategic window of digital revolution, let information play a driving or leading role, and create a new situation in developing a strong province of network in the new era, so as to input some new energy and support to the construction of “Two High Levels”.

Yuan Jiajun, the Deputy Provincial Party Secretary and Governor, presided over the meeting. Ge Huijun, Zheng Zhajie and other leaders were present. At the conference, leaders from the Provincial Network and Information Office, the Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the Provincial Public Security Department, Hangzhou City, Wenzhou City and Tongxiang City delivered speeches. It was a video conference, and there were parallel sessions in each city.

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