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Zhejiang Takes the Lead in Constructing a 5-Level Lake Chief System: 4,500 Lakes Have Found Their Keepers
2018-07-27 10:18:52

As the journalist learned from the Provincial Water Management Office (River Chief Office) on 25th July, Zhejiang Province has taken the lead in setting up a 5-level lake chief system (levels of the province, city, county, township and village). Over 4,000 lake chiefs have taken up the responsibilities of managing and protecting the 4,500 lakes and reservoirs in the province.

 In January, the Central Government issued Guiding Opinions on Implementing Chief Responsibility System in Lake Management. According to the Opinions, our province has set up a five-level lake chief responsibility system and brought the lakes and reservoirs into the system under the framework of river chief system. The position of lake chiefs is taken by government leaders of corresponding levels, and the role of reservoir chiefs is normally taken by government leaders in charge of the reservoir management.

Since the launch of the lake chief system, we have grasped the general information of lakes and reservoirs in the local places, and set up a record file and management measures for each lake. Focusing on watershed management, bank line management and protection, water resource protection and pollution control, water environment comprehensive improvement, ecological management and improvement, and supervision on law enforcement, we have constructed a lake management and protection system that links with the river chief system.

From June to July, the Provincial Water Management Office (River Chief Office) had an inspection on the conditions of the lake chief system in 11 places and cities. It had conducted open or secret checks on 72 lakes and reservoirs in 37 counties and districts found things running well in general, which indicates the full establishment of a 5-level lake chief system in our province.

Next, we are going to further consolidate the lake chief system. In addition to technological support, financial departments at various levels must strengthen their financial support, so as to improve the management capacity. By the end of 2020, the water quality in the functional areas of the main lakes and reservoirs must be further improved, and the quality for drinking water must meet the criteria in all aspects. The water quality of important lakes and reservoirs in the province must reach Class III or above, and the water quality of the functional areas must meet the criteria 100 per cent. The management scopes for lakes larger than 1 square kilometer and large and medium-sized reservoirs must be clearly defined. A comprehensive security system of lakes must be established, so that the lakes and reservoirs will not be dwindled in area, weakened in function, or degraded in ecology.

The lake chief’s duty fulfillment will be included in the appraisal system of river chiefs, and the result will be important reference for the comprehensive performance appraisal of leaders.

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