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Tourism Across the Whole Province Has Entered the “village” Era.
2018-07-26 10:04:52

The reporter learned from Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Administration on the 24th that with the continuous advancement of the construction of large-scale scenic spots and grand gardens in this province, the rural infrastructure has been further improved, and tourism across Zhejiang Province has taken the lead in entering the “village” era.


According to the data from Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Administration, since Zhejiang was identified as one of the pilot provinces to develop tourism across the whole province in August last year, 19 cities and counties (cities, prefectures) have been included in the list of pilot areas to develop national tourism zones. In the single year of 2017, 2,236 A-level scenic villages and 285 3A-level scenic villages had been cultivated, and nearly 100,000 farmers were involved in the employment and entrepreneurship related to rural tourism.


In recent years, more than 120 policies have been issued throughout this province to support the development of the farm stay industry. In order to avoid vicious competition and “disorderly management”, all localities have implemented the management model of “four Uniforms”, with the village Party committee taking the lead in setting up a special agency to provide unified services of publicity, promotion, distribution of customers, service standards and checkout for the owners of the farm stays and agritainments of the whole villages. In this way, the farmers can concentrate on the promotion of the quality of tourism services.


One the one hand, great importance has been attached to the standardized operation of the farm stays, and on the other hand, close attention has been paid to the individualized upgrading of the quality farm stays. Since last year, Zhejiang has taken the lead in drafting the first national-level standards for the farm stay industry designed for tourists, issuing the Zhejiang Local Standards, Basic Requirements and Evaluations of Farm Stays, which are higher than the national standards for this industry, and grading the first batch of six Platinum-level farm stays.


According to reports, this year, Zhejiang Province is to accredit at least 2,000 A-level scenic villages and 200 3A-level scenic villages, so as to strive to make scenic villages a major carrier of the construction of beautiful Zhejiang.

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