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Five-Year Achievement of Zhejiang Women Issued: One in Every 16 Women Is an Entrepreneur
2018-07-25 14:48:40

What is the proportion of females among the graduate students? What is the average life expectancy of women? You can find answers to all these questions at the press conference on the 5-year achievement of Zhejiang women held on the morning of 23rd July.


Over the five years, with the remarkable improvement of the educational level of Zhejiang Province, girls have enjoyed 15-year basic education equally with boys. Females constitute 54.25% of the college students, and 49.33% of the graduate students, increasing 2.29% than in 2013. With the improvement of the medical security, the average life expectancy of the women has reached 81.02 years, increasing 0.72 years than that in 2013. In addition, the network of women and children health care has become better day by day, and has reached the standards of advanced countries.


Meanwhile, with the widening of the coverage of the social insurance, the number of insured women in the basic pension insurance for urban employees, basic medical insurance for urban employees, and social insurance of work-related injuries, unemployment, and child birth increased respectively 23.5%,21.7%、8.7%、20.4%、19.3% than that in 2013. The number of insured women in the basic pension insurance and basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents has reached 5.8834 million and 15.652 million respectively, which has achieved the target of wide coverage in basic insurance.

   Over the five years, the Provincial Women's Federation (PWF) has been actively promoting the implement of key projects. The special fund for women and children development has paid 125 million yuan for projects benefiting women and children. The free medical checks for “two types of cancers” for urban and rural women of the right age has achieved full coverage, and has been included in the ten projects that benefit the people by the Provincial Government in 2017. The commonweal projects like Letters Home, Carnation Plan for Women’s Health Care, and Take on a New Look have benefited altogether 451,000 women. 81.82% of the activity centers for women and children have been completed in the cities and 53.93% in the counties (cities and districts).

Women are becoming more active in participating in political constructions. It is told that women members or representatives in our province account for a much larger percentage than before in the 19th National Congress of the CPC, the Two Sessions of 2018, and the new session of the Provincial Party Representatives, NPC members and CPPCC members. Of the village committees women constitute 30.72%. Women are also taking part in a wider area of economic construction. 44.63% of the senior professionals are women, 3.32% more than five years ago. 29% of the market entities are established by women, and one in every 16 women in Zhejiang is an entrepreneur.

It is learned that the 14th Women’s Congress of Zhejiang Province will be held on 26th July, at which the new leaders of the Provincial Women’s Federation will be elected.

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