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Zhejiang Province Actively Promotes National Economic Census
2018-07-23 10:22:16

On the afternoon of 19th July, the State Council held the 4th national economic census teleconference, of which the provincial venue is in Hangzhou, while a parallel session is held in each county or district.


It is learned that the 4th national economic census will conduct a full investigation on the scale, layout and benefit of the second and third industries of our province, the present conditions of industrial organization, structure, technology and form as well as the constitution of various production factors, the assets and liabilities of all the legal entities, and the development of emerging industries. This is to provide scientific and exact statistical information for improving macro-control, deepening supply-side reform, making medium and long term development program, and modernizing the governance system and governance ability of the government.


Our province immediately called a working meeting to carry out the spirit of the national economic census teleconference. Taking place after the 19th CPC National Congress in the decisive period of overall construction of a well-off society, and at the start point of the new journey towards socialist modernization, the 4th national economic census is especially significant at this time point, significant for promoting our province towards high-quality development, for modernizing the government’s governance system and governance abilities, and for the next-step strategic planning. As a systematic project, the economic census involves a wide range of factors and tasks, and is difficult to carry out. Therefore, we must go all out and cooperate with all parties to ensure a high-quality and high-efficient completion of all tasks of the economic census. According to the demands of high quality, legal compliance, innovation and full utilization, our province will fully implement the tasks of economic census.

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