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Thousands of Hong Kong Youths to Experience the “Zhejiang Element” Next Week
2018-07-20 09:49:44

On the morning of July 18th, the press conference on “Flying Youth·2018 Hong Kong Youth Visit to Zhejiang” was held in Hangzhou. The reporter was informed that the event will be held from July 23 to 28, when nearly a thousand Hong Kong adolescents will feel the “Zhejiang element” in person.


In order to promote exchanges between Zhejiang and Hong Kong, this province has been implementing the program of “10,000 Hong Kong Youths Visit to Zhejiang” since 2017, and plans to organize 10,000 Hong Kong youths to exchange in Zhejiang within three years. This year’s event was jointly organized by the Zhejiang Overseas Friendship Association and the Hong Kong Federation of Zhejiang Association of Fellow-Townsmen.


According to reports, nearly 1,000 high school students and college students from more than 30 schools in Hong Kong will come to Zhejiang to participate in the exchange. The first phase of the event will be mainly based on the “Hangzhou Line”, and the second phase will see visits and exchanges to 11 cities by separate teams. The destinations including the site of G20 Hangzhou Summit, Hemudu Heritage Museum, Hikvision, Fenghua Tengtou Village and others represent the scenic spots from the West Lake to the Southern Zhejiang landscape, and the attractions from the historical places of interest to the modern technology. All these arrangements and scenic spots provide a panorama of Zhejiang with its unique charm.


The event will arrange a “Zhejiang-Hong Kong Women’s Volleyball Friendly Match”, and the youths from Zhejiang and Hong Kong will take part in it together. In addition, more than 200 outstanding college students and high school students from our province will participate in creative activities such as experiencing making Zongzi, the Shaoxing antique custom of a gathered crowd drinking water from a winding canal with one wine cup floating on it so as to wash away ominousness, and red calligraphy on the fan, so as to deepen understanding and build up friendship.

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