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Zhejiang Held the First Operation Contest for Agricultural Drones.
2018-07-02 10:28:27

On June 28th, 22 operators of drones for plant protection from all over Zhejiang Province struggled to show their stunning operating skills on the playground of Jiufeng Vocational School in Wucheng District, Jinhua City. As contestants in the first operation contest for agricultural drones in Zhejiang Province, they aimed to excel over others in terms of the even spray of chemicals, the precise taking off and landing on a designated spot, and other competition events.

Twenty-two drones were lined in a row, and the players entered the venue in sequence of the numbers on the lot they had drawn. “Get ready? Go!” With this order from the referee, the game began. Under the skillful operation of Zhang Jiangxu, a player of Quanhu Team from Suichang, Lishui City, a “Qifei A10” drone went through unlocking, taking off, putting, spotting, and sprayed in just three minutes or so, during which time it sprayed evenly, bypassed the obstacles easily,  and complete the work on a piece of “farmland” with a size of 3 acres. Eventually, it steadily landed in the very middle of the landing zone.

The person in charge from the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau told the reporter that by the end of 2017, the number of drones for plant protection in Zhejiang had reached 298 and 99 demonstration bases for the application of smart agricultural machinery had been built. However, the number of drone operators failed to keep pace with these increases. The reason why these drone operators were gathered together for competition and training is that the operational skills will be improved and the large-scale application of drones for plant protection will be promoted, thus making up for this shortage.

In the new process of the structural reform of the agricultural supply side in Zhejiang, drones are, of course, only a microcosm. The reporter learned that in 2017, 95,000 sets of various agricultural machinery had been added. Through the establishment of demonstration bases, the general level of mechanization for agricultural production in Zhejiang Province has been promoted. In 2017, the comprehensive mechanization level of rice cultivation in this province reached 74.9%.

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