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First Batch of “All-in-One” Inland Ship’s Certificates Released in Zhejiang
2018-07-19 09:46:28

On 17th the Provincial Transport Department held a “maximum one visit service procedure” meeting in Tonglu, and issued the first batch of “all-in-one” inland ship’s certificates in the province, signifying Zhejiang’s official launch of the reform towards “all-in-one” ship’s certificates, which is the first in China.


Xingyi 0080 and Qinyuan 29 are the first two inland ships to get the “all-in-one” certificates. Yang Yifeng, General Manager of Hangzhou Chunan Qiandaohu Tourist Traffic Company, which owns Qinyuan 29, said that they used to have nearly 900 certificates for 146 ships as each ship had 6 certificates in addition to the Business Certificate for Inland Waterway Transport, and each certificate had a different expiry date. As a result, they had to  assign full-time people to manage the certificates.


In order to deepen the reform towards “maximum one visit service procedure”, the Provincial Port and Shipping Authority takes Hangzhou and Huzhou as pilot cities to put all the certificates and management information of a ship into one book, one code, and one file. Take a scan on the attached information code, and you can get all the basic information about the ship.


Yang Yifeng said that each ship used to have 7 certificates before: inland ship’s certificate of inspection, ownership registration certificate, certificate of ship’s nationality, ship minimum safety manning certificate, business certificate for inland waterway transport, ship’s business certificate of transportation and ship’s inspection certificate. Now they have put all these in one certificate, and the papers are reduced from 22 pages to 2 only. The QR Code on the certificate offers each ship an electronic ID card, which has not only reduced manpower and material resources, but also reduced the possibility of the loss or damage of the certificates.


It is learned that, since the launching of the reform, the Provincial Port and Shipping Management System has reduced 43% permit-related issues and 35% material items. Except for the transportation system, all the port and shipping systems of the province have adopted electronic certificates.

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