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Special Action for Network Market Supervision Launched
2018-07-16 10:11:58

The reporter was informed by Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce on the 12th that according to the decision made on the joint meeting for the supervision of the network market across Zhejiang, the “2018 Special Action for Network Market Supervision (Net Sword Action)” has been jointly launched by 11 departments including Zhejiang Administration for  Industry and Commerce, Office of Cyberspace Affairs Commission of Zhejiang, Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhejiang Public Security Department, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Quality Supervision Bureau, Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration, Hangzhou Customs, Zhejiang Provincial Price Bureau, Zhejiang Communications Administration, and Zhejiang Provincial Postal Administration. This Action will extend from July to November.


Based on the development characteristics and the supervision practice of the network market in our province and relying on the working mechanism of the joint meeting for the network market supervision of all cities and counties in the province, this special action aims to exert the comprehensive benefits of various regulatory resources to enhance the synergy of the forefront supervision. Through this coordinated supervision and joint law enforcement, focus will be on cracking down on illegal activities disrupting the business order of the online market that use the network to infringe on intellectual property rights, sell fake and inferior goods, compete in an unfair manner, and release illegal and harmful information, in order to jointly implement joint punishments against untrustworthy activities and actively create a fair and orderly network market order and consumption environment.


Last year, the special action checked a total of 157,000 websites (online stores), made on-site inspections of 32,000 websites, deleted illegal information 8206 times, rectified 3,904 illegal Internet activities, shut down 415 illegal online stores and websites, investigated and dealt with  2,908 cases of illegal Internet activities, confiscated and fined 23,140,000 yuan, and delivered 28 cases to public security organs.

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